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Where to even begin....Let's see can you fix the rails (hardware) on my awning? service center.."Yes", i called last week of July to get in 19 Aug, drop it off, I ask, how long will this take?

"One Day..or do you want me to push it to today?, well, i will pick it up on Thursday as i had to make arrangements for a ride. I call to confirm it's ready on Wednesday, "No, the hardware wasn't ordered and it is not expected to arrive until Monday (almost a week later) ok, so i lost money for a trip that weekend that was paid for the previous week, no biggee, so Monday rolls around, is the part in? "No, not yet, should be in by CoB", called Tuesday, is the part there yet? "No, it should be in today" hmmm this now starting to bother me, questions start to arise, what kind of business is this, i bought my camper from there, people told me, if there is a big money maker repair in the shop, they take priority, maybe a 3k profit compared to your 400, could t5his be true?

of course it is! day 10, the part still has not arrived! is it coming from the other side of the world? Amazon has 2-day delivery right?

get a call on that afternoon, "well the part came in", my question, will my RV be ready by tomorrow? I have plans for Labor Day weekend, is this going to be done?, response, "Hopefully" , my response, if it isn't done, i will be expecting the rails in my RV and I will be taking it elsewhere. Then i was told the shop manager (Hailey) can't reschedule my appointment...WTF??? my appointment was 19 Aug!!!

it's 28 Aug now!! So, i arrive the next day to pick up the RV, at the counter, young lady obviously knew i was coming as my req. order was right up front, i asked if it was fixed, response "no, the wrong hardware came in" we received a window awning set"..well, no surprise here, Give my keys I'm outta here!

recommended to general manager (called a week later) later), you need to make heads roll and clean house ! Never Never again will i have anything to do with this horrendous *** poor place!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $208.

Preferred solution: hire new.

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