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We ordered tires and prepaid for 4 new tires for our 2004 Class C. There are 6 tires but we felt the inside tires of the rear set would be alright to wait to change out.

My husband told them to find the best two of the old six for the inside back and put the new tires up front and on the outside back. They called us about an hour after dropping off the rig, and said the wrong tires were ordered. They had sent a parts person to Sacramento to pick up the right tires. Of course there was a price difference.

So we waited all day to finally get the tires on the rig. When we went out to our vehicle for inspection before leaving they had put all four new tires on the back and left cracked worn tires on the front. To top it off they said they would not change out because the tires once taken off could not be put back on if they were unsafe..... So why leave unsafe tires on the front.

Maybe I am way off base but I think the new tires should go on the front. Either they are incredibly *** or were under handed and trying not only to soak us for more money for the tires and sell us two more new ones. I wouldn't buy toilet paper from them.

I will find another place to take the R.V. where customer service starts with mechanics that have brains!

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Please contact me at I would like to understand what we can do to make this right.


Jeff Greeno

Service & Collision Director Camping World / Good Sam

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