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We scheduled on a Tuesday to pick up our new RV on that Friday. On Friday they gave us a walk through to go over everything on how to use before we left with it.

We were under the assumption that they made sure everything was running properly before releasing it to us. During the walk through we saw a ceiling light that was full of water so they said it was coming from the satillite wires going into the RV so they caulked it. (though they said they just pressure washed the RV so I guess he was saying we’d be ok as long as water never touched the roof?)I also mentioned the air didn’t seem that cold and they told me if was from the door being opened and closed and everyone going in and out. What do I know, I don’t work on RVs they do.

The radio / camera was also inoperable. They said they would order one and put it in when we got back from our trip. ( though it would have been nice to have it for the trip to watch our tow behind and listen to music) I mus note that we told everyone numerous times that we were camping for a week the next day so we wanted everything working properly. This is a 2018 motor coach that was new, not used.

It has been setting in the lot for some time so all the big things should have been checked before selling it. They could have kept it to work on while we continued to use the other RV we had that we were trading in. So we went camping the next day out of town. The air conditioner started leaking in two places so we had to lay bowls down to catch it so our floor wouldn’t get all wet and it wasn’t putting old cold air.

Good thing we were in the mountains so the temperature wasn’t completely unbearable but I must say if I wanted to camp without an AC I would camped in a tent. I also went to use the stove and one of the gas burners isn’t working. There was a leak in the ceiling fan/ vent above the stove due to a horrible seal job. The black and gray tank didn’t light up full at any time.

Even when they were full it registered empty. When you open the cabinet below the sink near the stove there is a huge hole where light comes through and possible critters also. The auto leveling jacks are leaking hydraulic fluid and actually got stuck open so now have to be manually put it down. The motor on the awning stopped working.

This isn’t even everything wrong just the major issues. We have a large list of problems that I don’t think should be so large on a brand new unit. Today is one week that we have had the unit. All he problems were within a day or two of getting the RV.

When we mentioned it to our salesman he said “ they’ll fix it” but who in their right mind wants to spend all this money on something brand new and not get to use it how it’s suppossed to be used or have to put it in the shop preventing us from using it! I also blame Thor the manufacturer for hurrying and throwing these RVs together. This is a combination of poor workmanship and customer service. I guarantee that any of the people making, selling or repairing these vehicles would expect no less than what we do.

We work hard for our money and want to be able to enjoy our time off relaxing not wondering what is next to break or how long it will be in the shop until they fix it. I don’t know if we got a “lemon” or the companies aren’t making sure things are running right. I will not purchase anything else from this dealership or manufacturer. My heart is broken that we put our trust in them and my stress levels have been ridiculous since the day after purchase even during my vacation because of everything not working properly .

We have another vacation already scheduled for next month and if they can’t repair some of these things in time and we don’t go camping we will lose our deposit. This has been a frustrating experience and I don’t want to go through this again.

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