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Update by user Feb 27

The service manager, to whom I had never spoken, reached out to me and they will be resolving the issues.

Update by user Feb 27

After discussing this matter with the dealership this turned out to be nothing more than bad communication and they will be resolving the issues this week.

Update by user Sep 15, 2017

Edit Sep 15th - I now have evidence from another RV dealership who did an inspection that the fridge, furnace and water heater DO NOT WORK on propane. 3 of 4 appliances that I was assured were tested during a presale "Appliance check" DO NOT WORK.

With this new information, now I can go to the BBB and file my complaint. Hopefully it will result in a huge find and termination of the salesman who misrepresented the condition of the RV.

Original review posted by user Aug 28, 2017

Go ANYWHERE else, but do not buy from Camping World. These people are extremely shady.

Google really needs to devise a way to leave 0 stars. This business would surely get a 0. As soon as they have your money they forget they ever knew you. They sold me an RV based on a huge pile of lies.

I did not notice on the lot, but the RV I bought was at some point obviously involved in a small side impact accident, as the cab is pushed off center by 1/2". That may not seem like a lot, but it is something that should be disclosed, should it not? I expected minor things to be wrong, but is a side impact incident a minor thing? They tried to sell me this RV with a generator that did not start, the logic apparently being "Once you sign for it, it's on you.

YOU replace it!" The cranking battery does not hold a charge. The fridge does not work. I now need to take it to an RV service center, NOT Camping World, and have a long list of things checked out, and I antipate a HUGE repair bill in my near future. There are things I don't know about this RV, and I have asked questions that are answered with "I don't know." I recently was told that I need to flip some shutoff valve so the water heater fills before I turn the heater on.

I asked the salesman where that valve was. He said "I don't know." Well if HE doesn't know, how would I know? He also made no effort to find out. With the other reviews, and now my experience, they truly seem like a shady dealership and I advise you to avoid them.

They sold me this thing with so much wrong that it will require my taking it in for service already, as I don't want to risk using it until I have everything fixed. That is going to mean inconveniencing someone to follow me there and bring me home, then do the reverse to pick it up.

Avoid Camping World. Go ANYWHERE else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Fix the broken stuff. Used or not, it should all work..

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Aug 28, 2017.
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What year of RV did you buy?

to Anonymous #1379563

2000 Sunseeker.

to Anonymous #1381418

So which Camping World employee are you? The salesman who sold me this thing and badly misrepresented the condition, or his manager who informed him of the review?

This review was completely honest.

I was given a checklist of the appliances that were allegedly tested. The fridge does NOT work on propane. That checklist said it did.

Very soon I will have everything repaired that should not have been inoperative when they turned it over to me.

Once I have that the BBB will be involved, and I will win, and they will pay for the repairs plus however much I ask for in punitive damages. This isn't close to over.

to eddie1261 #1442341

we tried BBB got no where no resolutions there they said try to work it out Camping world said I was asking for too much to be fixed only asking for the promised things to be fixed big promises no work they told me to remove our unit from their lot !!!!We did with a long list of things still left to be fixed small claims court next or anyone kow how to get a class action suit and get all of us unhappy cmaping world campers a settlement????From all over the USA there are thousands of us might just work!!!

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