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let me start with 1 star is way too many for this place. I just bought a new toy hauler from them and the whole deal was just a complete mess!! The sales manager tried to tell me that he was going to add $10,000 to the price of my camper to have the delam fixed on the side of the camper when it is warranty work that guy is the biggest joke in the whole place!

I was told they would give me one thing for my trade to find out later that the sales guy was only off by $7,000 and not in my favor. Then they come back with a monthly payment that was $150 more a month then the math added up to be. when I went in the finance office and asked how that was possible I was told, oh thats right. I said its simple math and that is not right, I asked to see the numbers he had. Once he done that he was like what is that in there for and what is that.... by the time he was done he had taken $9,000 out the deal that i would have been scammed out of had I not caught it!!! what does that say about the place????

The sales guy told me the hitch weight was way less than it really was so when I bought my truck to pull it (2018 f250) the camper was 750 lbs too heavy for my truck with no one in the cab. I brought this to management's attention and was told jokingly to go buy another truck, I didnt find it funny at all when I just bought a $60,000 truck to pull that camper.. witch by the way i added air bages for another $400 just to get my bumber off the ground and that seams to be working ok even though im way over the trucks payload rating. what a bunch of crap right???

Now the hitch problem: I was told my hitch would be in and installed every day for 2 weeks. I found out through another source that they ordered it on that monday and had to drive and pick it up from some place. I took off work that monday to have it installed and they had not even ordered the dang thing!! I will say that when it got there the service techs jumped right on it for me and I am happy with those guys.

I asked about a gift card that they offered me 4 months ago on my other camper i had bought from them and that same lying manager said im not aware of any such card. This ( STEVE ) guy needs a new job!!!

Ive never seen a place so mis managed in my life. if you walk around the building you will see trash and boxes just piled up around the along with camper parts and junk they took off other campers. Please someone get these people some kind of manager in there.

So its been roughly 3 weeks and i called today to see if they had even created a ticket for the items that were found on my walk through and guess what nope nobody even has my name in the service department. this nightmare just will not end!!!!!

The bottom line is wow this place needs some help badly and I will not recommend them to a soul as long as I live. If you can believe it i have really taken it easy on these folks there is way more to this story.......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Service techs.

I didn't like: Dishonest and very rude managers.

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