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My experience with Camping World of Denver:

My wife and I purchased a brand new 2013 Jayco J-Series 1206 tent trailer on December 19, 2013. The intent was to give the kids a surprise on Christmas morning. We arranged to pick up the trailer the evening of December 19th. Camping World agreed to stay open late just for us, so that, we could finalize the deal and take home our camper that night. Of note, the store is located 85 miles from my house. There is a closer store in Fountain, CO. However, Camping World of Denver had the camper we wanted and the most expeditious way to get it during the Christmas time period was to go through the Denver Store.

The night we picked the camper up, we were informed by the Service Manager that he was going home for the night and that he was leaving us with, in his words, “the B team technician.” At the time, my wife and I did not see an issue with this. We have owned a tent trailer, a class C motorhome, and a fifth wheel over the past several years, so we were not new to the RV/trailer world and were confident everything would go fine, after all this is Camping World. After several awkward minutes with the technician it was clear that he did not understand our trailer and was unable to answer some basic questions. This brought more technicians to our trailer to try to help him, but by the end of the walk through no one could explain the emergency lift/retract mechanism for the pop-up and no one could tell me what 2 of the 5 keys on the key ring they were handing me did. When it was time to put the trailer away, the three “B team technicians” had a lot of difficulty packing the trailer up and showing my wife and I how to do it right. There was a moment when the forward bed became stuck and crooked. The technician continued to pull it out and push it in harder and harder until one of the other technicians stopped him and they figured out how to slide it in and pack it down. We also had an issue with our refrigerator not working right and discussed not taking the camper home, but Camping World said to take it home since it was a Christmas gift for my family. They said to check it once we got it home, since it might be air in the line, and if not, they would get it fixed “ASAP” for me. At the time, my wife and I raised an eyebrow to each other, took, our camper home, and figured we knew enough to figure out the rest…this apparently is where in the eyes of Camping World of Denver this whole experience becomes “our problem.”

On Christmas morning, after opening the gifts under the tree, we told our three kids (10, 7, 4) that we had one more present outside. We led them out of the house with their eyes closed and gave them the big surprise of their new camper. We had good weather that day and decided to open the camper up to show them the inside. We raised the roof, and then went to slide the beds out. Unfortunately, we were unable to slide the front bed out. It wouldn’t move. Obviously, something was seriously wrong, so we stopped. I looked through the door and noticed the bed rails were lying on the mattress and clearly twisted and broken. "Merry Christmas kids," We then had to wait until the next day to call and see how to proceed.

I called the Service Manager the morning after Christmas and explained the situation. I asked how to proceed and stated that the Fountain, CO store was more convenient for me since it was only 10 miles from my house on Peterson AFB. He apologized and said that he really wanted the trailer back at the Denver store, so that they could “make it right." I reluctantly agreed to drive it back 85 miles to their store on the day after Christmas, but I wanted to get the camper fixed, so that my family could see it.

I dropped it off at the service department after speaking with the service manager. I went through it with a technician and provided the following list: torn decal, bed rails broken, and refrigerator not operating properly. Two weeks came and went and I had not heard anything about the trailer, so I called to get an update. I was informed that the bedrails had to be ordered and would be in the following week. The following week came and went and I heard nothing from Camping World of Denver, so I again called on Friday (my day off) and was told the camper was ready. “Sorry we didn’t call you," they said. Of note, the service manager had agreed to deliver the camper to Colorado Springs for me, since he didn’t want me driving all the way back up there. He said he would work on some compensation and a toy camper for my kids (more on that later). The delivery didn’t work out; I was informed that they would only deliver it half way for me. I didn’t want to risk something being wrong and doing a walk through in a parking lot with no support from the store, so I loaded up my 4 year old and set out on the 85 mile drive. I was just over an hour into the drive when the service manager called and told me to go back home. I was informed that they had just noticed a hole in the canvas. He said that they would get it fixed and he would personally deliver it to me in Colorado Springs, CO.

Obviously, I was not happy when I was told that they had found a hole in what was my brand new canvas and it had been caused by the bed rail issue. I was upset that it had just been found after they had already had our camper for a month. The service manager said that he would call me on Monday and give me an idea of where they were going next.

Monday came and went and I received no phone call from Camping World. I called them myself on Tuesday. I was unable to reach the service manager, so a technician looked up my file and informed me that they were going to have to order a new canvas from Jayco and that it would be about 3 weeks before it would be in. I was now extremely upset. Camping World of Denver has now been paid in full for the camper, I am making payments to the bank, paying insurance, and paying for storage for a camper that I have had in my possession for less than week and have never had the experience of operating for my family.

I decided to call the Camping World of Denver’s store manager. I informed him of my situation. He asked for a day to figure it out, but that I should now deal directly with him and he would work to make me a “happy customer.” The store manager said that he would personally quality check my camper and that he would personally deliver the camper to me in Colorado Springs and walk through it with me himself. After another week of no communication, I called for an update. I was informed that Camping World is working with Jayco to overnight my canvas back-and-forth, so that I can get my camper as soon as possible. Another week came and went, and I had zero phone calls. I once again call for an update and I was told that Jayco had been closed for an entire week due to snow. I have personally spoken to two Jayco representatives that have informed me that statement is simply not true, they were only closed for one day during the snow storms in January and February.

Eight weeks from the day of purchase, I was informed that my camper was ready and that a technician would bring it to me in Colorado Springs when it was convenient for my family. A technician, not the store manager or the service manager, as both of them had assured me. Either way, I was ready to be done with this and to have my camper. I told them to bring it to me in the evening Thursday night or on Friday morning. I told them that Friday was Valentine’s day and that my wife was going to work on Saturday and Sunday night, so we had plans that Friday afternoon and I needed the camper delivered and walkthrough complete no later than 12:00 P.M. on Friday. The technician called me at 11:00 A.M on Friday to tell me that he was just getting hooked up and about to leave the Denver store, 85 miles from my house. My wife and I discussed canceling the delivery, but decided we wanted the camper, so we cancelled our plans. The technician got to my house at 12:45 PM. Clearly, my family’s time is of no importance to Camping World of Denver.

Once the technician arrived, he began to open it up to show me what Camping World of Denver had fixed. That is when things got worse. I noticed a one inch crack in the molding on the forward storage compartment, two identical dents on the left and right sides on the bottom of the front portion of the trailer box approximately 1 inch tall and 2 inches wide to include scuffed decals, the roof did not appear to go down properly, and metal on metal contact that removed a ½ inch section of aluminum from the frame, and the worse of all there were now three holes in a different section of the canvas. The door was also misaligned, but the technician was the one who noticed that. The camper was also as dirty as they come; it had clearly been stored outside for two months and was not washed prior to delivery. Of note, when I dropped it off, the tires were still sparkling from the detailing it had received the night of purchase when I picked it up. I have since been informed by the store manager of Camping World of Denver that they never wash the campers for service department repairs. At this point, this was no longer a normal service repair. The least they could do was wash it, but I have realized that we will not be given any extra treatment because as the general manager made clear to me, I now own a used camper and that I fully accepted all responsibility for the camper when I drove it off the lot. The lesson learned here is that once Camping World was paid for the camper, we no longer mattered to them. It makes zero difference to them that I have only had my new camper in my possession for six of the 69 days (and counting) that I have technically owned my new camper. I need to settle down and not expect any extra treatment. Basically, “get in line and wait; we have other things to do and you sir need to learn and understand the process better.”

I told the technician to pack it up and take it back. I was not going to accept it in its current condition. He notified the store manager. He also asked the store manager if he would like to speak to me. Twice the store manager said that he did not want to speak to me.

I went into my house and called Camping World Corporate Office to file a complaint. I also called Jayco to inform them how I was being treated by one of their vendors. The date of these calls was February 15, 2014. Camping World Corporate ensured me a follow-up phone call within 72 hours. I am typing this on February 27, 2014. I still have not received a follow-up phone call from Camping World Corporate. I have received two follow-up phone calls from Jayco.

I had to calm down for a few hours, but I called the store manager and said that I would be at Camping World of Denver in the morning, the day after they tried to drop it off to me. I got up early on Saturday, loaded two of my kids into the truck and set out once again on the 85 mile journey to Camping World of Denver.

Upon arrival at the store, it was apparent that the service manager and the general manager had prepared their argument prior to my arrival. I never spoke to the service manager and have not spoken to him since January 18, 2014. If I leave a voice mail for him, a technician may or may not return my call, but I no longer receive phone calls from the service manager with regard to this issue.

The general manager and I went straight to my camper in the service department’s garage. He then informed me that everything that I refused to accept was cosmetic and the camper was fully functional, was in a new condition, and met the standard for what Camping World of Denver considered adequate repair and in a condition ready for sale and that he would be perfectly happy if I took home right then. Of note, he was not willing to have this discussion on the sales floor in front of potential buyers. I asked how the three holes in the canvas could be construed as “functional”. I was then told that all of the damage was an insurance issue for me to figure out with my insurance company. When I informed the general manager that Camping World of Denver would be covering my deductible or using their insurance the conversation shifted. I was then informed that I was being “taken care of” by having the $15 per day storage fee waived and that he did not have room on his lot for my tent trailer. I could not believe his audacity even mentioning this seeing as they had our trailer to fix a problem they had caused in the first place!I was told that they move over 30 campers a month through there and that if I now wanted my camper fixed under Jayco’s warranty that I would have to wait my turn in line and deal with “the process”. The general manager said that I was welcome to have my camper fixed at another store and that they would happily hitch me up right then to help that decision out. I informed him that it was his service department manager that said they wanted to fix my camper and that I had originally wanted to take it to a closer store. He then explained to me how hard it is to keep track of what technicians are doing, take responsibility for manufacturer defects, and deal with the process of keeping the customer happy while filling out warranty paper work and ordering parts from manufacturers. Mind you, I am a Commander in the United States Navy, have flown worldwide combat operations for over 15 years, and have been in charge of an over 245 man maintenance department servicing over 13 national asset airplanes flying around-the-globe operations on a 24/7 basis among other things. I know a thing or two about how difficult maintenance and logistics can be, but I was never asked about my experience by the store manager. I don’t appreciate being talked down too, and I don’t think any customer deserves it, especially in this case. I was lectured on how I didn’t understand the “process” and that I now had to get in line and wait my turn because I had signed for the camper and taken it home, so it was a warranty job and I was not going to get any extra treatment. I was then informed that Camping World of Denver would be happy to fix my “manufacture warranty” issues, but I needed to understand that it would be six to eight weeks, most likely, before my camper would be fixed, again. I was informed that they are not liable for any damage to a camper being stored on their lot waiting for “manufacture warranty” repairs. Again, remember, the only reason it was there, was for them to repair things broken while they were "fixing" the rails that they broke, not a simple warranty repair!

I agreed for Camping World of Denver to repair the damage, and he agreed to have a technician give me weekly updates until it is fixed. What else was I to do at this point? I bought the camper at Camping World of Denver, they wanted to fix the damaged bed rails, it was delivered with more damage than when I originally dropped it off to them, Camping World of Denver should make the repairs. Once it is finally repaired and my wife and I receive our camper without damage; it will never see Camping World of Denver again!

I was also informed that this is the same process that I would be dealing with if I purchased a new car from a car dealership. The funny thing about that is that all of the reputable dealerships send you a customer satisfaction survey from their corporate office. The dealership and the staff are personally evaluated on the comments you provide to the survey. Every car dealership goes out of their way to ensure you are happy with your purchase and your purchase experience. They also don’t send the survey until you have had the vehicle for several weeks. I have noticed that Camping World of Denver and Camping World Corporate do not have a similar policy. The perception that my wife and I have is that they do not hold their people accountable for customer service. It seems that sales numbers are the only thing considered.

I asked about the integrity the service manager had and the general manager had when they promised to personally deliver the trailer to me. I personally believe that you are only as good as your word. I was informed that they were both too busy and that they had said that to me in the heat of the moment and were only trying to make me happy at that moment. I was told by the store manager that I needed to understand their position and that they did not have time to do that for me given the distance of the drive and how much of their day that would take. The message I took away from that discussion was that my time does not matter to them, they already have my money.

Personally, we feel that Camping World of Denver owes us a camper in the same new condition as we purchased and dropped off to them 6 days after purchase. However, we did drive it off the lot on December 19, 2013. As I told the store manager, I could understand waiting my turn in line for the warranty repairs, if it was my wife and I who had the camper or were using the camper when the damages occurred. However, the reality is that the damages occurred while the camper was in the care of Camping World of Denver. We also feel that two months should be more than enough time to get it right and two months more is an absurd amount of time for them to have our camper.

Oh, I said that I would mention the “compensation” that the service manager and general manager had promised for our inconveniences. They absolutely tried to compensate me and my family. Their idea of compensation turned out to be a $50 gift card to the store. We would prefer to have our “new” camper back. I have also not received my weekly update from a technician as promised by the store manager for Camping World of Denver. This is another broken promise by Camping World of Denver, so much for “you are only as good as your word.”

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I totally agree with what this consumer is talking about as I just went through a similar experience with the Idaho Falls, ID location. Horrible salesmanship there with the saleswoman that I was having to deal with.

Still waiting on the return of my hold deposit she told me she would NOT charge to my card unless they could come up with the numbers I could agree with BEFORE they hit my credit report. Well they did charge my card immediately taking the funds out of the debit side of the card instead of running as a visa like she claimed she would do IF I agreed to the final figures they came up with. I have asked repeatedly daily what the figures are and still have not been told what they were as well they hit my credit report without my permission. She said she would get with me with figures BEFORE running my credit.

She intercepted every attempt I made to talk to the person doing the financing so I never got to talk to them. I told her to get those funds back in my account and where she could go as she could not answer one question without telling a lie. Turned out the rig I was looking at I ran a vin check on it and it came back with five salvage reports on that vin number that they claimed they had a clean title for. Very bad business ethics on their part.

When I called her on the vin she suddenly stopped communicating. I am located in Colorado and have not even been allowed to go up there to look at the rig because she did not want me there until the financing was finished. NOT how I work. Those funds were only supposed to be for 'holding' the rig until I could get up there to look at it which was to have been scheduled for this next week.

After half a day I finally got to have a word with the sales manager who claimed he refunded the funds to my account. I am still waiting to see the funds in my bank account. I also want to note that I was told that the corporate office was in Denver, CO however when I googled the location of the actual corporate office I got one location in Kentucky and another in Illinois. None of the locations for Denver had the words Corporate office connected with them.

I was told that a guy named Mark from the Denver corporate office would be calling me today at the latest. That call never came through.

Tomorrow I am going to be the Corporate offices worst nightmare until those funds actually show back up in my bank and until they learn just because I am a female senior citizen they cannot get away with taking advantage. We DO HAVE OUR RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY!

Arvada, Colorado, United States #1349638

Hi All - So refreshing to hear that I am not the only one.

We should absolutely file a class action lawsuit. Please email at zzzrob.hollis@gmail.com if you would like to get involved.


Denver, Colorado, United States #1339334

It's unbelievable hire much they doubt care once they have your money Sir. I'm going through almost the exact situation currently with CAmping world Denver, the GM and Jayco.

They make things (warranty work caused by Jayco) worse, cause more and additional damage and issues. Then if you complain or become frustrated, they get aggressive and could care less. They have their money and that's all that matters.

Reading your scenario madder my stomach turn, nothing but lies, all of them. Good luck and I hope you finally were able to enjoy your trailer.


We should all get together and file lawsuit

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #1249668

the big problem here is expectation. aside from the mangers lack of abiltiy to expidite the jayco warranty process, most of us think brand new campers mean NO issues.

this is not the case. half million dollar motorhomes have the same issues. cry me a river, your bed rails fell off the 1/8 inch thick wall.

if thats your big complaint, sure glad you didnt spend more than 10k. better buy a screwdriver there chief, your campers issues are only getting started.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1324401

I'm not sure how well you read, because your spelling is atrocious, but clearly you do not comprehend what you do read. This was a brand new unit DAMAGED by the technician, not a part that fell off in transit.

This is also typical of the pathetic service most rv dealerships provide. When they are trying to sell their unit they promise the world. But they never stand behind any of it.

Yes, he's going to have problems with his camper...we all do. But he hasn't even used it when all this occurred, so I don't think he's the unreasonable one.


Call Marcus Lemonis directly to resolve this issue.

407 221 6073


call Marcus directly 847 229 6443

Littleton, Colorado, United States #799807


you are the customer who was in the Golden Store with your 2 younger kids correct? I was there working at the time.

I heard how Donnie was yelling at you. and for the record, I reported your situation to Marcus and have used this situation as my proof that Donnie is a hostile *****.

read on.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #799671

Its because Donnie Wagner, the GM of Golden, has minimal education is not qualified to operate a store on his own... why do you think his mommy comes in a few times a week.

so he can walk around out of touch and mommy can run his business for him

...........for the record......

be glad you got your rv back and you can go elsewhere. Ketelson, Steve Casey's. working on an rv is not rocket science.



read on.... its about the same store.

• • • I HATE Camping World! THE REALITIES OF BUYING FROM AND WORKING AT CAMPING WORLD. Sexual Harassment, Assault, Hostility, Wrongful Termination, and Retaliation • *** Disclaimer: I worked at Camping World in Golden, CO for aprox 7months. This is my story and these are my experiences viewed through my eyes working there.

These are not allegations, simply my experiences and opinions expressed. • I am also a 2 time RV buyer from Camping World. this is how they treat repeat customers who become employees and want to have a fun job. • My first section is going to be the experiences on the work side of things.

I will also write about the products and the store - in my opinion, where to get a better deal with out supporting Camping World… • I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2013 due to my mom being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (like Michael J Fox and body trembling, flopping, etc). Not an easy process to watch - your mom dying. • Location: Camping World, 16000 West Colfax, Golden, Colorado. I started at the parts counter, all customers do is *** about the services provided, the bad attitude of service writers and quality of services provided… they are rightfully so.

the service department is a mess, this is reflected in Valencia, CA also. • BTW - IF you get stuck in LA, Ventura, or Riverside - you have plenty of options… RV Repair on "the old road" ask for Dave, great guy and he has everything CW does not, and has no attitude, unlike Peter, in CW Valencia who has a "can't do" attitude. I rolled in there for minor warranty work and he says "Oh, we don't have time for petty warranty work".. petty?

my hot water heater didn't work correctly and plumbing was leaking in 2 places. I was 2 months into my 12 month warranty and he says that. • back to Golden… Ordering Parts (non OEM parts) - customers are gauged for shipping and they come from a warehouse about 20minutes across Denver. Stag Parkway is who they use.

Also, COAST Distribution. both are located in Commerce City just minutes from i-70 - (Aspen Distribution buildings.) Dometic is also in the same facility… although they are dealer only, so, internet - don't be afraid to order from Tweetys.com, I do. • the best way to get a part is do this…. go to camping world with a make and model of your rv appliance that needs fixing, go over the symptoms of the issue with parts department.

they will tell you what they think it is. next, request a printout of RV Repair Finder exploded view, it has of all the parts for that appliance (schematic). on that list will be manufacturer part numbers and description. take that Part number and google it, you will find your part for a fraction of the cost, with out the that *** Sam in your pocket… your welcome!

• OEM parts - if you need Original Manufacturing Equipment parts, this is a crotched process in CW, go elsewhere, please. the software they use to order parts has flaws, you request 7 parts and only 5 show up on the PO screen.. Its a software flaw I pointed out and they thought I was crazy. so if any of you ordered parts for your rig and only half showed up, this is probably why.

the software was written aprox 18 years ago. It has a blue screen and yellow numbers, older than dirt!! its called IDS and modeled after a brand that works correctly. the IT guys wasn't aware of the problem either.

did they fix it? heck no, and have no plans for upgrades in this century. • OEM Parts, this is by far the worst area of CW Golden, by far. they lose parts, can't order the right part numerous times, and simply are a pair of unqualified individuals for this position..

• Hostility in the work place never stops in Camping World, Golden. In a weeks span, I was grabbed inappropriately in the breast by a parts counter person named Zane. 2 days later, Lance, one of their techs slapped me in the face for no reason… and then the following week, another tech named Guy, poked me in the face with a copper metal rod. • I went to management and I said this is enough, three people in a week have violated me.

a few minutes later I was presented two pieces of paper, I could chose one.. they said point blank "you can quit or we can fire you…" take your pick. I refused to sign anything, told them were out of line, and I reached out to Marcus. at this point I thought it was handled… as time goes on, it doesn't get better.

Donnie Wagner, The GM in Golden never handled it at all. no reports were made to HR, HR never called me for my side. I requested several times to speak to HR and it was simply refused by 2 different managers (Brian Roberts of the store and Donnie himself.) At one point Donnie very loudly says to me "TECHS DONT HAVE TO BE NICE TO YOU!!!". I am doing a walk through with a customer and they are nervous about driving it.

they have requested one more test drive before they leave the state. we find Daryl, the sales guy, we ask him to take them on another drive. Daryl says a smartass comment about 'its theirs, they can do whatever they want", and walks away. wow, customer was furious and that left me in a weird situation.

Unprofessional in every department of the building. I have seen and heard all kinds of level of hostility in this building, its been directed towards me, other employees, and even customers. I have witnessed the GM himself 'setting a customer straight'... down the road to another dealer, I'm sure.

A customer bought himself a pop up Baja that he was not happy with. It didn't work correctly and customer was trying to go over the vehicle and its problems with Donnie. During this walk around with customer, Donnie proceeds to yell at the customer right in front of his 2 kids. _______________________________________ I have asked CEO Marcus Lemonis several times to please help, and as of now he is looking the other way.

this was his initial email to me, the GM, and 2 people in HR. I'll get to the bottom of it. Behavior like that is not tolerated. Marcus A.

Lemonis CNBC's "The Profit" Chairman and CEO Camping World and Good Sam _______________________________________ I believe this email from Marcus to Donnie telling him to handle it, set the stage for retaliation... and that's exactly what happened. Donnie retaliated against me for asking him to please speak to Lance and to ask him to grow up. Lance is 40 something and he acts like an immature 13 year old.

The situation continued and actually got worse. My Boy Lance tried to hit with me a customers truck while backing out of the bay and I was on a golf cart. Management did nothing. this scenario of childish behavior continued and Donnie didn't take action to stop.

What Donnie doesn't realize is that eventually when a person like Lance gets a free pass, he will end up hurting someone. which was the warning I got from 2 employees, "Dont let Lance push you around, it wont stop", so that's the advice I was yielding. A Professional RV Tech Service Shop is not the place for playground behavior, you don't pull pranks on people in an environment where someone can easily get hurt. I guess that does take a college degree to realize...

Along the way I went to se7en different people in upper level management, not one of them reported this to HR… Donnie, Donnie's Mom, Danny, Brian, Brenda, Sherry, and Carri. 4 of them are mothers. After reaching out to Marcus, needless to say, nothing was done and behavior like that is tolerated in Camping World. IF it was handled and not tolerated, I'd still be working there and you wouldn't be reading this.

this bs went on for 2 months and only when I asked Marcus for HR help, it was finally provided to me. First conversation went great, 2 days later, the second chat was obviously dictated from above, she eventually hung up on me during discussion. they don't want to believe they have a problem, sweep it under the door mat and look east for the new day to rise. please read company/employee reviews on Camping World at Indeed dot com, written by current and former employees.

basically they have a failing grade of 38% approval rating. with bs situations like this, its easy to see how this grade was formulated. CW is a failing company and Marcus Lemonis is too busy with Nascar and giving money to people who don't need, where as every employee at CW could use a little sumt'n sumt'n. to make.

If you are showing a profit, I honestly don't know how with all the negativity circulating on this brand… A-HA, its the shipping charges that keep you a float, huh? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ these people in upper level are well aware of the situation…. write em, tell em how you feel. Marcus Lemonis, CEO mlemonis at campingworld dotcom Rodney Anderson, HR RAndersen at campingworld dotcom Roger Nuttall, HR RNuttall at campingworld dotcom Donnie Wagner, GM of Golden Store dwagner at campingworldrv dotcom Brian Roberts, Store Manager blroberts at campingworld dotcom +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As a customer… first purchase was in Valencia, CA near magic mountain.

I bought a used Montana, was told it went through service before we picked it up. laundry list: cold shower knob explodes upon setting it up, the kitchen sink shot water everywhere, they put a pencil in the breakaway switch - its the safety brake that activates upon truck and trailer separation - required by laws in every state… this unit never went through a lot prep or pdi which is required for resale of new and used rv vehicles.. you cant say its fine and its a surprise party. needless to say nothing but a grip of attitude to get a resolution.

Marcus finally stepped in and resolved it. Bought a 2nd rv from Golden. I went straight to LA for a job, I needed a few smaller warranty things done.. Peter in Service, round 2.

Not knowing its the same customer a year later, he says "I don't have time for petty warranty things"… my hot water heater didn't work correctly and 2 pex fittings needed replacing. sorry this was too much for you. needless to say nothing but attitude and Marcus had to help, again. Wait, what?

you bought a second rig from the first people who F"d you over. I know it sounds ***, but I respected the way Marcus handled it and was giving him the respect he gave me in Valencia during this situation....

so when I go to trade in for a toy hauler, I will go to Four Seasons and not Camping World, Anywhere USA. • Where are you now Marcus?

to CW Sux Golden, Colorado, United States #885212

You are spot on! these people are horrible to work for.

Some of the employees have been there 10 or 12 yrs and never gotten a raise. To many chiefs, not near enough Indians. They actually do not respect any of us. All they care about is memberships, you have to have them or else!Golden was blessed with not only a new unqualified assistant manager but then were faced with a new general manager who has an ego bigger than the corporation itself.

The store is failing but super chick is going to save the world! Yeah right.....what a joke this whole place is. Marcus Lamonis is so engulfed in his race car and his *** Profit show that he cares less about the (blue shirts) what he calls us. He claims to save other businesses but can't keep his own a float because of his treatment of us.

All these companies he claims to help, end up selling him their *** products and they are then sent to our store where we are expected to sell them (a good faith buy I'm sure) our customers are becoming more and more unhappy with the whole corporation and let us know as they walk out....Cheri Mcnelly is a coward who uses the trust of others to advance herself.

She is not qualified for anything but a warehouse, right where she came from, the back rooms of Michaels. She chronically complains about the work she was given to learn and then turn it all around.....what a mess this place is..

to Anonymous Clementon, New Jersey, United States #1032228

I'm more and more convinced that this ***-poor attitude starts at the top with Marcus. Why else would these bad service managers continue to push customers away. I've had bad service issues in Kissimmee, Fl and Lakewood, NJ.

to CW Sux #998213

I was going to purchase a RV from Camping World on Colfax. After being lied to countless times I purchased a new RV from RV Direct saved thousands of $$$$$. Most of all I am very happy not to have to deal with Camping Worlds BS.


Yep, I have been in the RV business for almost 25 years and work 3 miles away from the local CW. We get their frustrated customers everyday.

Amazing how bad they can tear stuff up!

Want good service? Stay away from large Corporations



This is why sensible people stay in hotels.


I sell RV'S but not for CW. I had a customer with some issues with a CW in Florida that like you they were getting know where, one problem after another and NO corrections from CW.

They contacted the President and things started to happen.I just sent that customer a Text asking for that name and maybe that will work for you. Damage they caused and holes they made CW should fix . That is B.S.

CW has one of the worst reputations in the Trade. Most of the sales people are like used car sale's people...

to Rick Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #790980


Thanks! I would appreciate the name if you are able to get it.

I am in contact with someone from the Corporate office's rapid response team. I don't know what it will result in though. I know what you mean about their reputation. I was going for a dealer that was across the country, so that, I could have warranty issues fixed anywhere that my family and I might move to.

Unfortunately, I didn't expect this from the dealership that I made the purchase from. Thanks again.


wow I will not buy my camper there like I WAS PLANNING TO.They just lost another customer.Word gets around camping world.

to me Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #790982

Glad I could help you with your decision and save you from my pain. I hope you find a good camper and have a much more enjoyable experience than I have had.

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Take a plane, stay in a hotel and take your kids to Disney. Way more fun that everyone sleeping in a shabby tent in the woods.

Your kids think you're a dork. Do something sensible for a change.

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