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Do not purchase the extended service plan through Camping World or Good Sam... I am owed on 3 service plans, and Camping World of Cedar Falls IA.

will not even return my calls... Camping World is a joke and I would not recommend dealing with them... They are out to screw all their customers... They love ya when you purchase, but don't try calling them when you have an issue...

I have never seen anything like it... Try getting a corporate # from them, they claim they don't have it... Try calling customer service and ask to speak to someone... They transfer you over to a messaging service...

Camping world is a dead end... Do not purchase anything from this company... You will be screwed when you end up having a problem... They do not care and do not honor their service plans...

It's all a scam... The service plan is through Good Sam, but the dealer has to refund you... Good Sam passes the buck back to the dealer... Good Sam is a joke too...

Camping World & Good Sam are both a big F*cking Joke...

Good Sam is more like let me bend you over and see how hard Camping World and I can *** Ya...

Monetary Loss: $2691.

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My Camping World ( Asheville, NC) experience has been a nightmare for 2 years. Too many issues to mention.

I will never purchase anything from those people again. On a better note, Miles RV acrossed the street from Camping World Asheville, NC has been very helpful and friendly!

Grantsville, Utah, United States #1337719

I am feeling like they are ignoring me as well we have left several messages to get it cancelled since April. Everyone we call they connect us to Voucemail and nobody calls back


It I'm having the same problem, If we could get customers that are getting screwed like us we could do a class action law suit.


I'm having trouble getting my refund too. Camping world in Meridian, Idaho. Getting the run around also.

to Anonymous #1464120

They are crooks. Bought new Carbon Toy Hauler from them in Meridian...had trailer for just over 90 days...roof leaking, they tell me roof only has 90 day warranty.

Good Sam membership no good when they told me it was.

Do u know how long I have to cancel good sam membership? They won't return my phone call.


call Marcus directly at 847 229 6443


Waiting on a refund of $11,000 for service plan,tire plan and paint. I can't believe I let them sign me up for this on my Thor Ace.

Actually I was brain dead by the time we got to the paper work after 2hr drive from Memphis to the Little a Rock CW then a 2 1/2 hr wait for the delivery walk thru then the walk thru. I reviewed the sales contract again the next day and all most passed out, I had thought I was paying $5900 , my bad for not checking. Called the next day to cancel and they said it was too late that all paper work had gone to bank and it would now take 4 to 6 weeks for a refund. This is just a short version of the whole story.

As a new RVer I learned a valuable lesson, Don't Deal with CW. RAR

to Anonymous #1541412

Did you ever get your refund?

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #832993

I would like to apologize for all the problems you have experienced. If able please send me a email with your contact information.

We would like help in this matter.



to GoodSamCareTeam #1392314

Need help with work paid for and never done at Camping World in Midway Florida. Spoke with Service Mabager Justin Ellison about the $2,800 we paid for repairs not done.

Now will not return calls or e-mail.

Bill Raybell. Honwing@aol.com

Navarre, Florida, United States #827033

I quit a CW because I could not handle the dishonest to customers and employees. I agree the extended warranties are way over priced but hopefully you didn't buy the paint and fab protection.

CW purchase price on that is $250.00 and they will charge you about $1500 for it.

Also some of poor customer service is due to everything being entered in on two or three different computer system (one being a DOS driven). The telephone system is a joke, I being an employee could never get another location to answer their phone, so I know how you feel.

Management at my store was also a very big problem for customers and employees. If he wasn't degrading someone (customer of employee) he was outside smoking when you needed him.

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