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In March we made an appointment for work to be done in April with our trusted repair/service worker, Dave Vacanti and were told by our service advisor, Lorne Edwards, he would be available for us.On April 1st arrived at CW at Kissimmee, Fl with service needs as follows:1. Water leak caused floor to buckle which needed Repair. (40 hrs estimate)2. Awning spring need replacing.3. Satellite motor stuck.4. Our couch also needed repair under a Camping World extended warranty.5. Change engine oil.

We stayed in a hotel while repairs were completed. We were not told that Dave was gone and another technician was assigned. Every day we asked about progress and were told that they were still on track for completion on the following Friday, April 10th. The Motorhome sat for 5 days before work began on April 6th.Lorne kept complaining that he could not contact the couch repair people but, he promised to keep trying.Instead of being realistic about the work, Lorne just kept promising.

Also, their phone kept crashing and I was unable to speak to Lorne so I began communicating by email at his suggestion. Lorne said the phone system was so bad email it is the only way to contact him. Imagine, a multimillion dollar company with bad phones. After 2 day, Lorne stopped returning email. Calls to the service manager, Brady Nails and the store manager, DeeDee were not returned. So much for customer service!!

On April 10th, Friday we picked up the Motorhome as promised.Floors were repaired but the rugs were soiled, the kitchen faucet didn’t work (counter top was removed to fix floor) and a floor grate was damaged.Oil was changed but the oil cap was not put back on the oil tube. If my engine seized up would Camping World repair or replace it? I doubt it.

Lorne said they didn’t have enough time to fix awning but he will order the part on Monday. He had 10 days to order the part. In fact, On Monday, May 13th, Lorne asked me to send him the part number and serial number of the awning. Don’t you think that was his job?The awning was opened and the spring removed so the needed numbers were available. The awning was closed up for travel but was not secured for travel by not tying it down creating an unsafe travel condition.

Lorne never made an appointment with furniture repair people but he assured me next time we’re at CW in Kissimmee Camping World he would make an appointment.We left Camping World on April 10th and I continued to email until April 29th without a returned email or phone call. Today is May 3rd, nothing has changed.

This is the second time I got screwed as a customer by Camping World. This first time was at the Lakewood, NJ facility where I needed a new slide motor because this motor burned up. CW kept assuring me they couldn’t find the part. I called in a mobile repair person and he had the slide motor installed in 2 days. A one man operation is better than and entire company. The service agent, Charles Mitchell, kept stalling proving that Camping World service operation was not customer focused.

2 strikes you’re out.Why should I subject myself and family to Service abuse?

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Bad customer service, Parts not ordered, Unreturned phone calls.

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