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I’ve attached some pictures. I would like to start by asking you if you remember when I would not pick up my camper if the roads weren’t dry?

When you’re service department made the choice to transport my camper during snowy weather (wet salt covered roads) this is what happens.

1. Camper gets covered with road grime/salt. Resulting in camper needing washing and a pissed off customer.

2. Salt/ road grime gets on everything that is not protected like..

A. Wires = corroding =equipment not working =ing pissed of customer.

B. Camper steps rusting to the point where they won’t work without extreme force =ing pissed off customer.

C. Everything gets covered with road salt ie. Frame, stabilizer legs, landing leg, doors hinges, wiring and so on. =ing one very pissed off customer!!!

3. With the service requested to have things done/fixed and either they were not done or not done properly along the service department damaging my camper.

A. Generator not fixed.

B . Leaving screw hole in wall at the tv strap, sawdust was left on floor from that.

C. Ask to have outside tv receptacles identified with labels. That was done with masking tape and a marker.

D. Ask to have satellite dish mounted to the roof. never got done.

C. Somehow service department managed to put a hole in the outside of the camper.

I have not heard back from you about fixing the problem with the wiring on the auxiliary fuel pump. I have fixed it on my own, also have secured the wiring harness that was left hanging.

Remember that this camper is not even one year old.

I hope you can understand the frustration with my camping world experience.

Mark O

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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heard enough ,where and how do you find a normal dealer.i know a lot of them peronnally thru the years and sounds like repeats of what i,ve seen and heard. thank you bmcm

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