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Tell me how it's possible to have to legally binding contracts through Camping World that has the name of a bank and your contract number on it, but when you call them to make your first month's payment the bank has never heard of you! This was the second camper that we have purchased through Oxford Alabama and the first purchase went smoothly but this one is going to have a lawsuit.

We agreed on a price wrote up the contract, signed the contract and once we got home realized that they had raised the price within the contract. So we contacted Martin who is head of Finance and he said he would make it right. My husband went in one week later and signed a new contract with the correct price. Now both of these contracts still has on there the same bank that we Finance through with their phone number and address for us to make our first payment.

In the meantime we noticed several things wrong during our walk through. One of the most major things was that the unit we purchased was supposed to have two AC units and it did not. The manager said he would make it right and order a new AC unit. They told us they would make our first months payment if we would just take a unit that they had on hand and I said no I want what we purchased and you're still going to make my first month's payment because it'll be going on one month that we do not have our unit still.

They also had to order a countertop and fix some other minor issues. My husband got very upset with them and told them that they needed to have all of the issues fixed and that the unit needed to be delivered to our house by a certain date or that we were going to take legal action. We heard nothing back from camping World. My husband called them yesterday and talk to Greg in Oxford and he basically said that your wife doesn't listen I told her that if you didn't come and pick up the unit then the order was going to be cancelled.

Then he changes his story and says that the bank cancelled our loan for failure to pick up the product. Failure to pick up the product when they have literally spent the past 30 days fixing it . We called the bank and they had never heard of us. The whole time has been nothing but lies.

The bank told us that even if an application had come through to them and been denied they can still see it in their system so that tells me that Camping World never even sent in our application. Greg hung up on my husband today and told him that he gave him a chance to own a new RV but my husband didn't take that chance. Is the world delusional is everybody at all Camping Worlds shady used car salesman?

Is anybody safe? We had a 724 credit score it's not like they couldn't get us a loan.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Prime Time Manufacturing Crusader 380mbh Rv.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Be glad. The crusaders are One of the worst P.O.S RV' s made.

You will have or would have had endless MAJOR problems with it.

Everything prime time builds is pure garbage.

What about your 8k $?

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