We bought our Copper Canyon 5th wheel from CW. We had comparison shopped and were making our last stop at CW. We specifically asked if our truck a 2000 F250 2wd could handle this and were ASSURED that we would have no problems. We got a good deal, and were expecting a brand new unit. When they called us in 2 weeks we were excited, but later we find out this unit had been sitting in SC for MONTHS.....the carpet was nasty, finger prints everywhere, missing remotes.....When we go to pick up our camper, it is raining and we got about a 5 minute overview. Here comes the kicker, our truck cannot handle this camper!!! We had to go buy another truck, move the 5th wheel(more $$) and only then are we able to actually use the camper. I am not kidding....I could have bought a motorhome for what we had to do!

It gets better, before we ever took it out for the first time we have a slide that jumped its track, an awning with a blown motor and a dvd player that puts subtitles on everything. We take it up there, 3 weeks later they call my husband to come get the camper, and he gets there and has to wait 2 more hours because they weren't done. We get it back with the slide fixed, not the awning, and are on our way out of town only to discover we don't have a power cord!

The awning motor came in a few weeks later and my husband installed it himself.

The radio went out and it took a while to come in under warranty, like a month.....the first time we go to pick it up. they can't give it to me because no one can find the paperwork. The second time we go to pick it up, I am on the phone with the service mgr and we have like 10 minutes to get there and they are telling me that they are closing! I kept him on the phone until we got there so they couldn't not give us our stuff.

My last experience is by far the best. Our camper is on our property 3 hours from this location, inside a fence w/ no real way to easily move it. Our replacement radio goes out AGAIN. My husband disconnects the unit and we take it to CW only to be told that they cannot accept this because there is no one in service to accept parts. I am livid at this point and ask for the GM. He then proceeds to tell me that they can't take this unit because they can't be 100% sure it came out of our camper! THE GM said this to me! Its a freakin warranty part that they replaced not even 6 months ago! They finally took it and were going to send it in. 3 weeks ago and I still haven't had a call....I called them, and all I got was it shows that its on order but with no ETA.

I kick myself every time I think about the opportunity we had to purchase from a smaller dealership......I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Part Replacement.

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Acworth, Georgia, United States #969042

I completely agree with this customer- Service is worse than bad. I cant begin to describe how bad it is.

We bought a new 225000.00 motorhome from them in 2014 and the first year it was carried back to them 5 different times for a total of 9 months---do the math---we used it for three months. Always the same problem that never got repaired correctly. Now it is out of the 12 month warranty and I had to take it back to them this January for some of the same repairs---and we do have the Good Sam extended warranty. After three weeks and 1800.00 out of my pocket---you guessed it---Good Sam did not cover the repairs.

I finally got it back---used it one time and guess what---same exact problems.

PLEASE-----NEVER----NEVER--- buy anything from these creeps. You will be hung out to dry.


I would like to apologize for all the problems you have experienced. If able please send me a email with your contact information.

We would like help in this matter.



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