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Posted: 10/20/14 06:38pm Link | Quote | Edit | Print | Notify ModeratorI can not believe that I took my fifth wheel in for warranty repair , three weeks after delivery, and after two weeks I called to see if they were done with it,I was given a line and told they would call me back.After another week and a half I called again, This time demanding an update and the response was they had not started it yet. Now just to refresh your memory I had just purchased this rig brand new from them and they told me at that time I was an "Elite" member and I would be taken care of first because of this status. (Thank god I'm Elite I would hate to be treated as general public) Well after 5 weeks and we told them of our upcoming reservations they got our rig back to us. When I got in it to inspect I noticed that someone at there location had urinated in our rigged and not flushed it. If you know had I of not flushed it it would have been all over the bathroom from going down the road. I mentioned this and a few other points out to our service advisor. He did appologize but nothing else except that he was sorry. I got my rig home and plugged it in and found that the rear a/c was left on and the bed was messed up. Then I noticed the side of my rig had scuff marks and damage to it. As I went and retraced my steps there was NO where that I could have done the damage to it so I called and was told to bring it in. I live 70miles oneway from there. I was told that it just needed to be buffed out which they did ,but left a big gouge in were the clear coat was chipped, I was told by the service manager that there was toucvh up paint in the chip and that he was not going to fix it . Now I'm hot because he did not offer to fix it. I was also asked if there was other issues to which I said YES but after my experience with Camping World of Summerfield,Fl.I would not let them inside my rig I do feel I have a major legimate complaint, and would ADVISE NO ONE to purchase or deal with this dealer ever! A word to the wise should be sufficient!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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