Never been so upset with a place. Bought a Jayco motorhome from Camping world Oakwook ga.made a deal with them ..

They rushed us through the paper work and would not give me any copies. They ask me to pick it up after they got caught up from the RV show in Atlanta. I go to the Oakwood store 4 days later to get the Rv. We noticed the numbers were higher and they insisted it was just the Extended warranty and other extended services " that I still have no paper work on "made the difference .

He ,the finance manager"rushed us through the whole process .when we got home we found the almost $6,000.00 mistake. Because they had already been paid they would not refund my money. The sales person even told them it was a mistake. The General would not meet with me.

I decided to cancel the warranties in the amount of $5,000.00 . Has been 3 weeks and nothing. I ask for all the original paper work signed at the World Congress Center sale in Atlanta . It does not exist now.

I noticed where they had backed dated the contract by 4 days .It seems I will have to contact consumer affairs here in Ga. Also the state board licensing. No federal odometer was giving . I can go on and on.

It seems that when they discovered, as I told them , that A 100% Disabled Veteran does not have to pay the almost $6,000.00 in TAVT TAXES that they were determined to own that money. They gave me no respect. I will have to say my sales person Cody is a honest, stand up person. He defended me until he got called to the office.

His hands were tied. My contact email is Plants@earthlink.net.

There is so much more to say about things that are still going wrong with my dealings so far. I will keep it posted.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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