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Update by user Mar 17, 2018

camping world accepted a settlement negotiated thru my salesmen there

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2018

i purchased a roadtrek r.v. from camping world ,in fayetteville n.c.

in october 2017.i heard about a roadtrek for sale there,a 2002 versatile.i spoke to Jonathon Napolitano,a sales man.he told me they just got it as a trade in.he also told me the last owner had just put in a brand new motor and transmission in it.i asked him if the all the appliances worked,fridge ,generator,ect....he said yes.it sounded affordable ,compared to those i had seen ,so i put a downpayment on it ,to hold it,until i could drive out to probably purchase the r.v. my wife is in remission for cancer and i wanted this r.v. to visit relatives soon as many are ailing.Jonathon knew this.iasked to see a bill of sales ,so i had no surprises,when i got there .I live almost 400 miles away in murphy n.c.,and had to rent a car to get there.that costs me $250.the price started at $23,750,for the rv.when he sent me the paperwork ,the price jumped to $27,. i called him and he said besides a doc fee of $400,there is a prep fee and a fee to explain all the systems in the roadtrek ,to me.the prep fee, he explained , goes over the rv ,and makes sure everything works,fridge generator tv,batteries,furnace .basically all the mechanical functions of an rv ,of which there are many.i had one before,a 1987 chevy horizon so i know it's complicated.we worked out a prep price and a walkthrough fee ,and i planned a day to travel to Fayetteville N.C.

i met Jonathon the day i drove out there and we took a look at the rv.it looked very nice . Weeks before ,he had given me information as to who had put in the new motor and transmission.The head of service at at Jeff gordon Chevy told me weeks before that he had indeed replaced the engine,but it had 18.000miles on it and the transmission slightly less ,and both had A 100,000 mile warranty or two years (whichever came first) thru chevy.He sent me proof of this and i felt ,even though Jonathon said the engine was just replaced(not true),it was still a good deal.Well as i inspected the rv in greater detail,the generator did not work,well over $3000 to replace.The three way fridge ,the gas pilot and gauges did not work.we did get the gas to light ,but it took hours to begin cooling.Jonathon and the tech. said thats normal for these type of fridges.Later when i did get a new fridge ,as this one leaked ammonia so badly ,it was worthless,it cooled on gas very quickly, in 45 minutes!So the prep i paid $1400 for bagan to look like a complete ripoff.Of course between getting a new fridge and repairing the generator,i spent almost $1700.To their credit,they did put in a new ac unit .They did a terrible job installing it and the leaks that came into the rv were gushers to say the least! I personally fixed ,that leak which took many hours of my time.When i returned home from purchasing the rv ,i removed the cusions in the back sitting area,to show my wife how it turns into the bed a noticed severe wetness and leak damage all around the back and side areas to the bed sitting area.To make a long story short,i paid my local rv service to remove two windows that were leaking water into the coach.That costs over $200.After reading about roadtrek window leaks,some one talked about tailights also leaking,so we sealed them too.Not pretty,but most leaks are stopped now.

Two days ago we got 3 inches of rain at my home and still water was coming in to three areas ,under the kitchen cabinets and stiil around 1 tailight.I spent several more hours on the roof of the rv ,caukling any screws,awning areas ect. to stop these remaining leaks that are not obvious.When we get more rain ,i will see if the remaining leaks are fixed. Of course ,i called Jonathon,who had promised me ,he would fix the generator,the day i bought the rv ,as it did not start.He said send him a list of complaints ,and he would try to help me get reimbursements for things they missed in the prep. I ,sent photos and explainations and told him to email me back when he recieved the info.He never responded.He would not answer his cell phone.

The inverter he promised to send me never came,though he said he sent it.To his credit i did get reimbursement for two leaking valves (grey and black water) that leaked when i winterized the rv last november.But as far as the Well over $2000 of unexpected expenses i have had getting this rv road ready,Nothing! Jonathon told me before i drove out, all things work or will be fixed with the prep fee i paid for.This was an outright lye!The drainvalves,the fridge,the generator,the inverter,the water leaks from many sources,a basically dead house battery,all things that should have been repaired in the prep ,were not done! I tried to going to management,Jeff Miles and Steve Rogers,who seemed at first very willing to help.Then Jeff Miles refused to talk to me when i called 3 or 4 times.Steve Rogers was nice on the phone.After i sent him all the info,photos ect..., he would not answer phone calls or respond to e mails.Finally he did email back saying tha agm battery i bought to replace the weak one in the house part of the rv was too expensive.He did not even know what an agm battery was ,and that this is what is recommended for this rv ,as the battery is very hard to remove and must be maintanance free! Iknew he was blowing me off,so i gave up on him as well.

I tried filing a complaint with camping world brand management in Illinois,of course,you guessed it a dead end street.They communicated with the Fayetteville camping world and told them to negotiate a settlement with me .No response from Steve Rogers the ceo there.I can try to go higher up in the camping world organization,but all i'll get is more hot air and lyes.So my recommendation is,if you want your rv purchasing experience to be pleasant and trustworthy avoid camping world in Fayetteville n.c.(Hope Mills n.c.) at all costs,or suffer the consequences,and waste hours and hours and thousands of $'s on unexpected rv repairs that you supposedly paid for with a huge prep fee.This way you can avoid people that lye to you like Jonathon Napolitano,Jeff Miles and most of all Steve Rogers the CEO! This man talked to me for over 45 minutes assuring me he would help,then ,within a week changed his tune,and refused to help at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2002 Roadtrek Versatile Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Dishonest Camping World
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quite the turn around,when i reconnected to my salesman,after several months he was very helpful and negotiated a settlement that i was happy with.he was not told of my continued problems ,and agreed to help with a mutual solution.he honored his promises,and and this matter has come to a much waited for conclusion!


one misprint i made writing this post,i meant the price jumped from $23,750 to $27,000,when i requested an e mail bill of sales ,before i drove out to Fayettelle camping world,so i would have no surprises when i got there.

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