Groton, Connecticut
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My Name Is Michael Obrien, I Purchased My Travel Trailer 20th sept During The Walk Thru Before I Purchased I Was Told The Hot Water Was Leaking And They Would Order A New One From Manufacture, Some One At Berkley Forgot To Order At Least That Is What I Have Been Told I Picked The Trailer Up On Friday 20th of October Also Was Supposed To Have Another Walk Thru Talked To Service On Monday 16 October They Were Going To Pass It On To The People Who Handle That Part They Did Not As They never Received That Message From Service Dept. I Waited 2.5 hours Went In To Check When My Walk Thru Will Be He Said Not On My Schedule , Was Not Passed On To Him Finally Around 130pm They Brought It Around The Out Side Of Trailer Was Dirty Inside Of Trailer Was Dirty As They In Stalled a Tv Hanger that Monday Ask The Man Why Is This Dirty He Could Not Answer Me And Did Not Want To.

I would send you pictures but I can only thru text 8608597195 if you can the pictures are the proof. also on the 20th Of October Same Day My Jeep Went Into There Garage To Have Hitch Installed, They Wanted Me To Get The Electrical Done At Uhall 7 Way As They Wanted Which I Did They Were Supposed To Hook It Up As Uhall Did The Wiring When It Brought Out To Me I Was Told They Did All The wire Hook Ups Except The Electric Breaks And The Wire That Runs The Trickel Wire To The Battery And The Top Running Lights On The Trailer.Iwas Told They Don't Do Electric Breaks There???. I Told Them I Have A Two Hour Ride Back To Groton Ct How Am I Going To Do That They Said Just Take It Easy It Should Be Alright I Quote Should Be I Was Beside Myself My Wife Could Not Believe What She Was Hearing We Are Both In Our 70s, Can You Imagine How We Felt??? After Waiting A Full Month To Pick It Up I Have already paid For The 1st Payment On My Loan And Paid A Full Month For Storage.

Three Round Trips Up There From Ct. And Know I Have To Bring My Car To Jeep Dealer Tomorrow To Hook Up Trailer Breaks An Running Lights Around Another $300.

They Were Bragging That Kevin From Shark Tanks Owns All Of Camping Worlds, That's Great But How About Us The Little Guy That Was Treated With Disrespect And Forced To Drive A Trailer With Out Breaks I Should Report them Can Not Be Legal And A Place That Sells All Those Different RVS They Don't Hook Up Electric Breaks For Them Either Believe Me When I Tell You This Is Not Right I Would Love To Talk With Kevin He Needs To Know These People Are Not Representing Him In The Way He Would Want it To Be I Am Very Disappointed In Camping World, And Very Said A Lot Of Heart Ach Over This You Can Not Treat People Like This. They Are Very Good Taking Your Money But Sales men They Are Don't Know You After You Sign The Papers Thankyou For Letting Get This Off My Chest Michael OBrien 85 Crown Knoll Ct Unit 110 Groton Ct 06340 8608587195

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