Fox Point, Wisconsin

Went to Camping World Saukville Wisconsin to have a defective toilet valve replaced. Entire episode couldn't have been worse.

Technician discovered broken valve within minutes, certainly less than 5. I was told it would be ready in 2 days. So far so good but this is where it began to fall apart.

I checked 2 days later and was told they had to order the part; it would be in the following Monday. I told them I was leaving on Wednesday. I called Tuesday and was told the part was on the truck. They called me later to say it was the wrong part. They also said I should plan on 7 to 10 days for all service and repair work.

I decided to try a local dealer - more on that later. I went to pick up the trailer and was charged $68 for nothing. When I attempted to hitch the trailer to my car, I noticed that the clip which secured the anti-sway bar hitch was missing.

Went to Roskopf's RV, about 20 miles away. Got there at 1:30, explained my plight, and they had it replaced in less than an hour. The part was in stock there and they told me it was a very common part.

I was misled and lied to by Camping World Saukville Wisconsin and was ripped off by being charged for work which wasn't done.

I will buy my supplies elsewhere and would never consider buying an RV from Camping World.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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I bought a very expensive new trailer and service has been terrible.I had 3 small items for warrenty work and it took forever to get my trailer back and one very cheap item on the list was not even repaired :((. One manager wouldn't even answer my email,the other managers I had to reach out to to get an answer.I will find a part to replace the warrenty item they didn't replace myself,I am done dealing with these people and I will never buy a trailer from them again!!!!!!!!!
Thiensville, Wisconsin, United States #998340

Blaming the business on shipping time. This day and age people are getting dumber and dumber.

You can't get what you need in an hour if they don't have it they don't.

$68 is probably for shipping the part....... That you ordered

to Anonymous #1001296

Then you're dumb and dumber. $68 for shipping is still a rip off.

I just priced a used trailer there and was told there is a $1000 dealer prep fee. The other dealers I contacted didn't have a prep fee at all.

They also wanted twice the price to put on a weight distribution hitch and braking controls. BEWARE.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #832890

I would like to apologize for all the problems you have experienced. If able please send me a email with your contact information.

We would like help in this matter.


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