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On a trip recently and realized that I had left my awning rod at home. So looked for a Camping World along the way.

Came to one in South Vienna, Ohio. Entered and greeted by a pleasant lady and asked for the rods. She said she was new, called someone and told me they were against a wall she pointed to. They weren't.

Asked another person walking by and he had to go in back to find out and did. I grabbed one and went up front where the lady said she could not check me out and to go to the parts desk. I went to the parts desk and the one employee there had been talking the entire time to a man about caulking. I got in line behind the man and after they talked a bit more the employee took the man over to the aisle to look at caulk.

After I had been in the store, for by then 30 minutes, I asked very loudly to the service desk that had 3 employees there "Out of the 10 employees I see on the floor of this store, is there ANYONE who can check me out?!?" The service man asked a lady on the floor if someone else was to be on the desk and she said at 10 was 10:10 am. He then said that I had to wait for the parts man. He finally came back to the desk, got on a computer, took a sip of coffee and then...FINALLY turned to check me out. Ok...the time for me to buy a simple awning rod was 40 minutes!

I realize it was not a major purchase...but we have made MANY other purchases but are wondering. Again...with at least 10 people on the floor...shouldn't the customer be important?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't be so careless with specialty equipment. Then, of course you asked QUOTE : "very loudly".

So you blew your preparations and chewed off anyone within earshot when they didn't drop everything to to genuflect to you.

We don't travel without a prepared checklist upon which each item must pass as "present". Don't blame others for your error.


Dear “anonymous” Thanks for the checklist suggestion. Could have done without the rude and attacking comments. No excuse for poor service especially when the floor is filled with paid employees.

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