We ordered a brand new Thor Motorcoach Siesta RV on 2/5/2014 from Camping World in Conway, NH. We were told it would take 10 weeks. We started sending emails to the salesperson, Jesse, starting at 10 weeks. He did not know what the status was every time I asked for the status. After 14 weeks I sent an email stating we wanted our money back if it wasn't delivered by the following weekend (Memorial Day weekend). Jesse called me 2 days later saying the RV was on the lot and set up a delivery date for Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Great! We were finally getting our RV!

On Saturday we completed the financing paperwork and then had the walk-thru. After being at Camping World approx. 4 hours we drove home - 1 1/2 hours away. My husband hooked up the water hose to put water in the tank and water spurted out everywhere. The nozzle was cross threaded! He fixed it. Then after filling the tank to about 1/3 full, water spurted out on the ground. He looked under the vehicle and found a gray conduit laying on the tailpipe. He lifted the conduit and found about 1 foot section had burned through the conduit and exposed many wires. At this point we were very nervous to use the RV. After further looking underneath he found the diesel fuel lines hanging down. Both the conduit and fuel lines were never clamped up. These were not the fault of Camping World, however, they should have found these problems during their technical review before we purchased it. My husband did some investigating for the water problem and found that the drain was left open at the factory. There is no way Camping World had checked this - even though they told us they did! We brought the RV back to Camping World 4 days later (5/29/14). We had emailed the Service Writer Matthew all the issues with the RV. He said he'd have a tech go through the RV then have the Warranty person write them up and send them to Thor. He also told us that the conduit would have to be replaced by Thor. All LIES!! We finally got the RV back on 7/16/14. The only Warranty items listed were the ones the Warranty person had found originally and the conduit. We had told them that there was a broken bulb in one of the ceiling lights, fuel lines were temporarily strapped up by my husband, air ducts over the cab bunk wasn't working. None of these items were fixed.

We're so fed up with the service at Camping World. All we get are lies from them. When we brought the RV home, one of the inside back tires was flat. We don't know if it was flat when we left the lot or not. Rather than deal with Camping World, we went to a Tire Dealer and had the tire fixed (screw in the tire). My husband bought and replaced the light bulb, fixed the door that was difficult to open at times. This is a brand new vehicle and did not expect to have these kind of issues. After reading some reviews it looks like used RVs are no better.

Yesterday one of the windows in the bedroom detached from the opening mechanism - the window just blows in the breeze. I'm still waiting to find out when this can be fixed.

We do not blame Camping World for the defects, as the defect issues belong to the manufacturer - Thor Motorcoach. But, we are very unhappy with the service we are getting from Camping World. We wished we had found this site before we bought any vehicle from them. BUYERS BEWARE!

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