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I’m a sixty-one year old, single woman on a fixed income. I am not in good health and the biggest dream on my bucket list was to buy a vintage camper to do some traveling before severe Rheumatoid Arthritis confines me to my home. The search for the perfect camper for my needs took over seven months. Not only did I need to find one I could afford, the number one requirement for me (due to asthma and allergies to mold and mildew) was to find one with a good roof that hadn’t leaked. Anyone who’s familiar with campers understands what a rarity that is.

Finally, just as I was giving up hope, there it was. A 1985 Chevy, Class C Leisure Craft; clean, a perfect ceiling, and all original. The only problem it has was a small drip at the rear window near the upper storage cabinet during hard rains. The first thing I did was take it Camping World to have this drip repaired. When I arrived I was told to leave it there and they would call me with an estimate within three days.

On the fifth day with no call, I phoned to inquire about my camper’s status. I was told they were very busy and would return my call the next day. Two days later we had a storm bring a deluge of rain. I had still received no call, so again I phoned to make an inquiry. Again I was told they were busy and would call me the next day.

The rainy weather remained for two more days with no call from Camping World, so on the ninth day I drove to Bowling Green to personally check the status of my repair. When I pulled into the parking lot, there was my camper, sitting in the same spot where it had been parked the day I left it. I unlocked the door to check the small leak in the cabinet area. The cabinet was full of water and the ceiling in front of cabinet was water stained.

I was furious! I had taken my camper to Camping World to prevent this, and knowing it had a leak, they left it sitting outside during three days of rain. After a half hour of waiting to speak to the Service Manager, when he was finally able to break free to talk to me, he told me he had no idea my camper was there. Another fifteen minutes passed while they tried to locate my service order.

The Service Manager appeared quite peeved at my interrupting his busy schedule and having to go outside to check the damage, but I was becoming more and more upset with this organization, and he did come outside to look. His first “estimate” was to tell me I needed a $4000.00 rubber roof. When I said I couldn’t afford that, he told me I would have to seal all the top seams, around the bunk vent, and the air conditioner “to prevent future leaks” - A $1000.00 job. What could I do? I really loved the perfect vintage camper of my dreams, so I agreed.

After another week of waiting for the repair, my camper was finally ready. My arthritis wouldn’t allow me climb the ladder so I couldn’t check the work, but I mistakenly put my trust in a company I believed had a good reputation and provided good service. If I had read all the complaints and bad reviews I’ve found on line lately, I wouldn’t have been so naïve.

A little over four months passed before I saw the roof when I pulled it up beside to our upper deck to clean up after a camping trip. From the deck I saw was a horrible mess, sealer (for lack of a better word) ‘globbed’ over the seams, with no attempt to smooth it. It looked as if they’d had someone with no experience climb up on the roof and rush through the job to get rid of me. Still, winter was here, I’d had no leaks, and had made up my mind I would never give this company another penny.

Less than a year later, Summer came again and with it, our first major downpour. The first thing I did was go to check on my camper. I was devastated when I looked inside. The cabinet was full of water and all the vents and the air conditioner had leaked. My perfect ceiling was ruined! My vintage camper had lost half of its resale value, and now I have the possibility of mold and mildew preventing me from being able to use it.

I went to two other repair men who both told me the height of the sealer that had been applied was preventing water from being able to drain from the roof; that it was causing the water to pool on top and even the smallest pinpoint opening at the seams would have no place to go but inside. When I called Camping World to complain I was told they were busy and it would be at least three weeks before they could look at it. It wasn’t until I said I would take it to the Corporate Office that were able to find a slot open in four days.

Today I am waiting for my appointment day to come. I have little hope this company will do anything without receiving more money (which they will never get from me) and I feel certain they will do nothing to compensate the damage to my ceiling. What I am hoping for is that others who have complained in reviews to come forward and tell their stories on this site: Unhappy-Camper/595811997105605

Those who have been ripped off, received poor service, or feel they were wronged by this company are welcome to voice their experiences and post pictures of any damage they feel were caused by this company.

Camping World does not seem to care about customer satisfaction - Profit is the bottom line for them. Our venting may not cause them one moment of concern, but maybe we can prevent others who love their campers they way we do from having to suffer the problems this company has caused us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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