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Today 2/16/ 17, Camping Ft. Myers FI.

This store advertises that they are open until 6 pm. I arrived at 5:50 PM 10 minutes before closing. I was looking for a Door lock / latch. Ended up asking 3 different sales people where they were located.

My wife and I went to these locations in store. no locks!!! Not even close finally i was talking to another customer and he said i just seen them located in rear of store. I looked and looked the style i wanted wasn't in stock.

Thats fine no problem it can be ordered on line, which i have already done, I understand that can't stock everything !! Just so you know My wife and I have been in business 33 Years, We own a Diesel repair , RV repair , Marine repair, and heavy Equipment Shop. I totally understand Inventory Control. While I was searching for lock, wife was browsing and had picked up about $225.00 or so in products.

She pick up a outside Mat that she wanted but only 1 was on the floor. So i walked around to ask if maybe they had a second Mat . Finally after waiting several minutes while he was checking out another customer I asked about maybe a second mat in back. Very Rudely told me that they probably did but that going back to look WAS NOT HIS JOB !!

and that i would have to come back tomorrow. I returned back to te Mats and told wife what he had said. She said at was fine and that she found another style and 2 were there in the Box. We went Straight to check out.

The same Cashier Had just checked the people that were in line while i asked about the other mat, and he was at the front door letting them out because i assume they locked it before fr the 6 closing. we were waiting at the register. As he was walking back he said that We would have to come back tomorrow because it was after 6 and the Register / Computer had been shut down !!! I told him we were 39 miles away from there one way and he just said "Well That the Way It Is" At that Point i said That I wanted to see store Manager.

He actually told me that he had just went up stairs and he couldn't Bother Him. I told him i really did not care that wanted to see him !! This young man told me that Maybe i could talk to him tomorrow when we come back !!! Wife and i put the items on the opposite counter and walked out.

And i wasn't very nice about it ,really doubt that to many people would have put up with this. My wife was very very upset and rushed me out the door. As we got into our car the clock showed the time of 6: 09 !!! We have been Snowbirds since 1996.

And when were down here I'am in Camping World at least 1 time every week !!! That does not include the item's we buy online for our service Dept. I do not think we are that Big of a Customer. But large or small customers together are still "Customers" that must be treated fairly.

But the sad part is that the "History" that had been built between me (the customer ) and Camping World Suddenly ended Today. Thank You .

Mark Elmendorf /Midwest Truck & Trailer Inc. Located Evansville IN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: I have Employee's also. Hard to contol a bad situation if you are not aware of. Just for your record I have never took the time to let a company like yourself know of this situation. But this was so so Bad I had to let some know about it. .

I didn't like: Check out, Sales management.

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Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States #1293589

I agree with the last two comments. If you truly own a business, then you know about people coming in at the last minute and how it affects someone.

Maybe you don't have a family to get home to. Maybe your whole family works with you so it's no big deal to stay as long as people are in the business. However, the majority of us who work tend to have schedules for a reason. we also have families and lives to get to outside of work.

The business has hours for a reason. You say that when you got into your car, the clock read 6:09. That means you were in that business 9 minutes longer than you should have been. You were in the wrong expecting them to stay and cater to you at closing time.

They had been there all day to service your needs.

Where were you? Probably doing whatever you felt like doing, which is exactly what they planned on doing when they left work.

Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States #1289715

What sort of rude, ignorant person goes shopping with the expectation to leisurely browse at 10 minutes to close? GO EARLIER!!!!

Cowpens, South Carolina, United States #1289710

I work in a service department at a car dealership 11 hrs a day....When it's time to close employees are tired and want to go home. We will stay and help if it's an emergency, but honestly you should have went there earlier...Not 10 minutes before closing and then want to browse around.


The big difference between your business and Camping World is that the you probably care about all aspects of your business and continuly try to make it better.

Camping World is an evil corporation where nobody in charge really cares about/ for the customer in anyway at all. At camping world, Customers are looked at as marks or suckers, just irritating bothersome objects that are to be conned and coersed to get the most amount of money from.

Find a good locally owned dealership that will be GLAD to help you and maybe even make you feel appreciated.


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