I listed a trailer for them to sell for $3258.00 if sold I get $1350.00 O.K. Thats GOOD.

My Trailer was 20 years old Everything worked Good I Owned it for 10 years. Then Ichecked on line,was $3258.00 Then I checked a couple monthslater was $8858.00 I knew it would not sell. So 2 days before before my Agreement of 6 months. I gave 24hr.

notice that I will be in to pick it up next week. I told the Consignee the mistake.So 2days again to sell @ $3258. NO SALE OF 6 MONTHS THERE. I took It home, put a FOR SALE on it.I SOLD it in LESS THAN A DAY FOR $2495.00 I bought a trailer the same day I listed my old one, they almost got aNO SALE FROM ME as they HIT ME WITH THE $499.00 DOC FEE.

I can see $49.00 for 10 minutes of doing paper work. But $499.00 I'll NEVER CONSIGN,OR BUY A TRAILER FROM CAMPING WORLD AGAIN!!!!!!

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get your number right it's 399 not 499


Marcus Lemonis needs the money he is promoting !!!!!!!

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