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Bought a 2007 enduramax wide open toy hauler for a military move that I thought I got a good deal on back in oct 2012. Just took it in for some maintenance at a fabrication shop in tacoma wa.

Camping world couldn't fix it so they referred me. The shop looked at the camper and informed me that the "rock chips" on the side of the rv were in face water damage which is extending throughout the entire structure. Also found oh that all 4 tires were pretty much dry rotted out which would have to be replaced as well. Never will we deal with them again.

Service horrible, sales persons a joke. In all the worst experience I ever had.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Black Diamond, Washington, United States #663599

Apologies to Camping World-Toy Hauler, as I hit the BS button thinking it would take me to other tales. I am truly sorry.

I brought our 95 Pace Arrow Vision to them because I didn't winterize the RV the best and ended up cracking a couple of water fittings, and breaking another. I pointed out the ones I knew were broken and asked to have the system inspected for more broken lines, fittings, etc.

We also had a new fridge installed while it was there, and the engine battery, along with replacing the annoyingly loud and underpowered water pump so I could take a shower with water pressure for a change.

I told them we were planning on leaving to go camping the day it was ready, so it was important the unit was in working order.

The call came the unit was ready (Saturday, a day later than promised), so I went to pick it up and found the railing for the step wasn't attached (the only way the fridge could fit), so I screwed it back in- no biggie.

I go and pay for everything, and ask the nice lady at the service desk if the unit was absolutely ready to go with no leaks and a fridge that worked and was new and new water pump, as we were planning to boogie as soon as it was loaded.

She assured me "that the service department checks the units for leaks and wouldn't let a unit go that wasn't ready". They had done good work in the past, but these service guys-they just weren't on the ball in appearance and as I found in service either.

The first thing I did was check the fridge to see if it worked, and was surprised it wasn't running. So, I turn on the gas, and fire it up, and it works, but I swore I could smell propane.

Next, I charged up the "Inspected water system", and was amazed when my unit left a small lake in the parking lot with the same damned annoying water pump that Fleetwood placed right near the bed.

Annoyed, I go back in and said my R.V. was not only not inspected, but it had the same pump! So, she calls in the service manager(?), who swears he inspected everything, or "had one of his boys fix check it". I asked him to come on out and swim to my coach to check out his inspection job, and he agreed there was a problem. I then reminded him there was a problem with my water pump, as it was still sounding like a 12 volt jackhammer. To that he says "There was nothing on the work order about a water pump", so we argue on the way in about the lack of a water pump on the work order, and find when the nice lady brings up the work order "customer wishes water pump replaced with pump X".

He asks if I can come back next week as it was late on Saturday, and I said no, you missed the water pump, and my water system is still screwed up, and I said we were leaving that day for a long planned camping trip, so giddy-up.

Since everything else was going so great with the repair, I decided to check the battery connections, as my backup camera now no longer works, to which I get accused of "putting my foot in the door" on a repair, and how did he know the thing wasn't broken when I brought it in (maybe a pre-service inspection?)? I explained I needed it to shoehorn my RV in the only parking spot I could find, and the camera worked just fine, and since I admitted to screwing up my water system, don't you think I would have just told you my camera was screwed up if it was? He acted all put out, and started checking the battery connection, when he noticed the birds' nest of wires going into my positive and negative posts. I saw him wiggle the positive post, which was loose, and he said "Well here's the problem here. This post is stripped out!"

I told him it was funny that it tightened up just fine 3 days ago and wasn't stripped out at all, so quit nickel and diming me as I just spent $1700 for the fridge (which ended up being on sale for half-off the next week!!) and put one with longer threads and try not to strip this one out too, or I'm asking for a different battery.

So, after wait an hour and a half for the water pump repair, he comes back and says (get this)" The water pump is in too difficult of a position, so we're going to wait till it wears out to fix it"(!!)

I'm about ready to jump up and down, and this guy is telling me he wants to go home, his guy is having too tough of a time getting at it, but we have the leak fixed". I pressure the system, and while there's water still dripping, I can't tell if it's from before or a slow leak now, and really want to get going myself. I tell the guy when a customer orders something installed, you install it. It wasn't like some warranty item or something I was trying to weasel out on them from.

So, we go home, load up, and while filling the water tank, the R.V. makes another lake in my driveway. I grabbed the bottled water system out of my house and we tried to make the best of it.

And that gas smell? Just a loose fitting from not inspecting the job. I doubt the thing was ever even tested. I was so disgusted, I've never gone back. I doubt they'd have done anything anyways.

I wrote a letter to the president of Camping World, but never heard a thing.

Now, they have A nice new Forest River Sunseeker 2861 in Idaho, and the salesman Tom is nice enough but I'm afraid to buy it, as any service would have to be done in Tacoma.......

Pete L.

Black Diamond, WA

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