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We purchased a 37 ft gulf stream coach at the flagstaff dealership. It is used.

When we purchased it we were told we would have to leave it for a week so that they (the dealership) could go through it and clean and repair any thing that needs fixing. So a week later we pick up our coach and our life long dream we have worked so hard to attain was realized.. Boy we are happy...until we take it to an rv park near by we plug it in to the 50 amp power connect to the water, and Then....as I went to hook up the sewer line..I removed the cap to place on the hose Raw Sewage Poured out all over meeeeeee..Wow really...Then my wife uses the microwave one time and it quits... Then we find the slide in the bedroom leaking hydraulic fluid...and then the electrical problem...The 50 amp system wont charge the batteries for the coach, which is leaving us without heat amongst other things.

The reason the heat is important is we live in Flagstaff, Az.where it is still in the 20s and 30s at night.So I call the dealership to discuss these issues and am told it will be taken care of. I try to set it up so the dealership will come pick it up repair it and bring it back. Initially I am told they cant do that....Really!!!

we haven't even had this thing for 30 days...Then I'm told that the rep whom told me they'd take care of it has quit and only passed on that it needs to be cleaned...So I call Bill the GM and he says we will take care of it and ten minutes later a tech shows up Drunk by his own admission to our rv site and does nothing but drink a beer as He walks around looking at my complaints...so next day we drive out to see the GM he passes us off to the service manager who in turn says we need to address the heating issue so he took my number saying he would call that afternoon to set up a time for a tech to come by...that was three days ago still no phone call and heat.so this is where we are at left....nothing resolved...a dream in disarray all due to the neglect and indifference of the dealership...Really camping world!!!!! what a business you have....

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I agree everything is the customer problem.

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