Went to Hershey, bought a new Winny from Camping World ! They sent me to Syracuse for delivery !

2.5 hours from home! When I picked it up, the counter was cracked, the trim was unfinished, and on and on ! Had a trip planned so went with faulty unit to Fla., slide failed, transfer switch failed, alternator failed, and on and on ! Took it back after sleeping with a slide that didn't work for three weeks, crawled over the bed to get in !

Made to feel like a zero ! Decided to try Camping World Harrisburg, they "Fixed" said slide for $3000 ! Icycled it six times or so and it blew ! It is there now as I write this, another 3 grand, they said it was a manufacturing problem !

Duh, I should have known that! They asked me to deliver the unit Oct. 8 which i did, as of today, no work done, no parts on site. I called today, they said they left me a message on my answering machine, no message.

I asked them to have a salesman call me as I wanted rid of this headache, three weeks, no call ! Called and begged for a salesman, got an e-mail that gave me a website to go to to make my choice. I e-mailed the salesman and asked if he had the models on site for me to look at, guess what, that was three days ago and counting. I have been motorhoming for almost 30 years and this present one is my 6th unit.

never had any problem that any reasonable person couldn't get over until this company ! If any of you out there are listening, listen carefully, Camping World sucks royally ! They still have my old unit hostage, but I have ordered a new unit locally and it has been delivered while they are still sucking hind tit ! If you are smart, and I bet you are if you are reading this, don't go there!

Marcus Malonis,of the hit show", The Profit", owns a big number of the shares of this company. He recently sold a large chunk of his equity, I ask you to guess why he might have done that ! We have seen him brutally berate small business owners that he thinks don't get how it is done ! Very funny !

If any of you reading this want more info on this B.S.

my email is tstubler1955@gmail.com Phone 570-419-8597 I would be happy to help you make sure you don't make the same mistake I did ! Respectfully, Tom Stubler

Product or Service Mentioned: Winnebago Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I have been in business for 40 years and and have never seen an operation such as this. Marcus Malonis would be ashamed of you all !!.

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