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I bought a new thor rv from camping world in cocoa. Turns out ,its used!

The service manager should be investigated. Hes rude and from my experience dosent give a *** about the customer. I wouldnt be surprised if they put off warrenty work so they can save the 6000.00 i paid for a warrenty. I will be reporting them to the fl dept of motor services,hopefully thell have thier sales license pulled.

How camping has not been investigated by the us atty general is beyond me. Maybe the state atty general should be notified too. Ill ask my atty. if your wondering how i know its used,well the shower stall had beem replaced,the cushions had been resewn,poorly,scuff marks on the floor,and over 2000 miles on it.

Thor mfg. said thats more miles than should be on it. As a matter of fact it appears the whole bathroom has been refurbished.the door dosent close right,the walls are warped and the bottom of thr shower stall was not sealed. That right there tells me it has been refurbished.

Also the shower curtain rod is crushing one side of the shower stall.i doubt it left the factory like that.The shower stalls come in one piece. Not two. Also the dmv tells me this rv had twoplates issued to it. The metal fl plate that came with it only had two months left before it expired.

The state does not issue metal tags for two months.

No other new rv on that lot has metal plates. And you can bet thier name will be added to the black list the military maintains,so no other vet or active duty military personal buys from camping world and gets ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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