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They had my rig for over six months.I have a 2003 fleet wood Discovery. They were to install a slide topper on the passenger side.

It was on sale and included instillation. I Was told it would take one to three days. They destroyed my slide rail because they cut the rail at the end of the topper ends.They said they could not get the topper to slide out.They were going to pull the track and slide off in one piece. I had to have it and said get it patched up.

They had already had it for several weeks. When I got it home I used Joy dish-washing detergent sprayed it several times and it slide out. What they did caused water to leak in from their unethical and irresponsible workmanship, They didn't even caulk it correctly. If there is such a thing as workmanship you will not have it at this location.

I Advise you and any one that values their unit STAY AWAY. I don't have tell those of you that used this facility.There is many other issues they screwed up while they had it. One other thing. I picked it up a month ago.

They had to repair the door awning they screwed up too. The wire that runs the motor was sticking out of the bottom of the unit. I discussed this with the guy that worked on it. He advised me that it was installed correctly.

I told him he is wrong. He became very angry and vocal, I knew they did't care then. Any way I took it home and made proper install. What a bunch of losers.To top it off the service manager got involved.

He said he would repair the awning and replace the track. The track was never touched. The guy who said he worked on the track said he re-caulked all the bolts holding on the track. He lied again.

Same guy that worked on the awning. I looked at it with him .They must think we the customers are not smart enough to see through their Bull ***.

He never did no such thing. I am now doubting the the faith I have in good SAM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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