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Update by user Jul 23

Since the General manager in the NH site basically total me to tuff i contacted Marcus Lemonis CEO and told him the story. He sent my information to the regional people and wanted a resolution.

I heard immediately from the general managerat the NH store and he asked me how He could get me to go away and stop emailing corporate. I told him the same thing I wanted before and that was for him to buy me out of my trailer that they destroyed and to be a responsible manager. We agreed on a price and they bought me out of my trailer plus he agreed to take back the cover to the camper that was never used. I wrote back to Mr Lemonis thanking him and advising him that I do not believe Matt should be the manager in any place in the organization.

He was the apitomy of the term used car sales person.

He has no social skills and is not a good representation of his company. If anyone else has trouble email Marcus@campingworld.com

Original review posted by user Jun 23

In May 2017 husband and I wanted to upgrade and have have always bought our campers at campers inn but the model we wanted was at campers world. We talked to a salesman Jim who was great. We traded in our Rockwood Roo and ofcourse didnt get the best for it but that's life. We bought a Autium Right 38 foot premier model with rear kitchen. Paid for the usual but after leaving the sales department nothing was usual. Paid for the inspection and work around service $380 got there that day to pick it up and it was raining so the guy who did the walk around to teach us about the trailer didnt open the awning because it was raining. Guess what didnt work when we took it home and opened it. Received the title to the trailer in the wrong names, both recyliners were ripped and table all scratched. Took months and so many unanswered calls to get them but we did. We were told to bring it back in October for all the

Here is the fun part, NOT. In October we bring it back and make the list of all the repairs needed and winterizing. We call and call and call and get no response about what the progree is on our trailer. In January husband and I had to drink ve up to NH to physically be in someones face. Our trailer had not ever been moved from the spot. We were told the are waiting for warranty and the blah blah blah begins. We were told that there was not enough help people leaving right and left and the ones who were left were doing jobs not trained for. We leave thinking our trip up there would get something done. We were fools. We call February, March April nothing. I finally get this call from a Nate or Nathanial if your mad at him he said an he promised to get to the bottom of this and call me back. BS again another BS setvice person telling you your number one. ( Nathanial is new to this campers World)

Here is the best part of all times. In April I get a call from Bridget ( very nice but is the person who had to call) tell me during the winter a tree fell on my trailer but no worries they are going to fix it. It just needs a ladder and they covered it. They dont know when it happened but they noticed it when they pulled it in to fix the awning( In April).

I still havent learned at this point beleve nothing they say I waited and called and called and called.

Again in May my husband and I drive the hour and half to go there because NO ONE CALLS YOU BACK. I get there and ask for the manager Matt. He cones down and we go over everything and we look at the trailer damage and warranty repairs that have not been. I look at the trailer damage and no way a tree hit our trailer, our trailer hit a tree. Plaistic is over the ladder so I couldnt see much and he again gves the good setvice speech that they will fix it and he will personally make it better and he cant believe this happened but he is new there and will fix everything. I will never learn. So my husband and I leave. Now its June, camping season is in full bloom, we lost our seasonal camping site because we have no trailer and of course we call our good Buddy Matt who was going to make sure eve rything was done. NEVER ANSWERED MY CALLS on his personal work voice mails.

June 22 my husband again go up to campers world and ask for Matt but for some reason the store manager isnt around but I had called gefore I went and he was in today. I was met by Jordan ( great person she had left and came back if the company was smart they would clone her and never left her go) she brought my husband and I to Jed (who is new to campers world ) He said pretty much what the others said but he asked to give him a chance nd what did we want. He promised he would call me the next day to let us know what he had found. The ladder wasnt in yet and they had know idea when but we cant take the trailer because it has not been repaired ( End of June they have now had it for nine months and i have lost this camping season)

I saved the best for last . At this point my husband and I went to our trailer to clean it out of our belongs because at this point it is unrepairable to us because we bought a new camper not a damaged one. We find mouse poop and ants everywhere. I have never in all my years of camping ever had mice or ants. This wasnt just a few dropping this was an infestation of ants and mouse poop. I climbed up on the ladder that was only crushed at the top to find it was not just tye ladder there was rips and holes dents. None on these holes had been covered to protect it from the weather or the mice and ants from getting in. They only through a piece of plastic over the ladder which protected nothering. Since we have no idea how long the so call tree hit the trailer i has been the way for nine months. No wonder there are mice and ants nested there. I go back into the trailer and bang on the walls near the ladder and roof damage and tjousands of ants come out of the walls. Im sure there is water and mold there also.

BTW While we were down cleaning our camper one of the guys who run the machines that pull the trailers was spinning in the boo cat and hit a cement light pole right in front of my husband and I. Hummmmm tree fell

So I walked back in and showed Jordan these pictures and how I need to get my insurance company involved now because I dont trust anything or anyone at campers world to do anything right . I paid $29,000.00 dollars for brand new 2017 trailer that is worth nothing now all because of the poor management and systems in place at the Chichester, New Hampshire Campers World.

Waiting to hear from Jed today. I will let you know how very sorry they are.

If anyone has suggestions for me to contact also other than corporate ( who Im sure is well aware of whats going on here) , Attorney General, BBB, to solve this please let me know. At this point I want them to buy it back from me because its worthless to me and has cost me a camping season.

PS: I want to say even though I think this campers worls should be avoided like the plaque their are people like Jordan and Bridget who do try but they are not the corporation and they are the same nes who have the power to gix it.

PSS To the poor reception people that had to lie to us because Matt ( The Store Manager) didn't want to bother with us because he didnt follow through I do apologize that you had do what you were told.

It wont let me upload picture! Sorry but if you want to see them contact me I will send them

Reason of review: Noy allows you to check off one management, service, defective, warrany.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of management responsibility.

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Wish I had read this review before getting involved with Camping World Chichester. Our situation is a similar ongoing nightmare. There are a few decent people here but I totally agree Matt is not a good example of a GM who could care less about customers.

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