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We needed an air conditioner replaced, we requested Camping World when we received our insurance quote. Because my husband was going to be out of town for that next week, we asked if we could bring it in on a Saturday and then pick it up the next Saturday.

The week before, I had brought in the insurance approval for the work, and asked for a copy, which I received, (this was some time before 2:00 that afternoon), when I called the next day, I was told that I had brought it in well after 3:00, which meant that the order couldn't be placed and that the part # wasn't on the approval (it was, she just didn't notice). I also was told that I was mistaken when I had mentioned that I had been there before 2:00. She told me that the part was discontinued, so she had to go through our insurance to get the change approved. After the approval, I made arrangements to bring in the 5th wheel on Saturday.

We did bring it in, and my husband asked to have a tire replaced for our spare, and that we would pay for it when we returned. The work was done on that Wednesday, and I received a call, insisting that I make a payment for the deductible right then. I said that we were planning on making the payment on the day we pick it up, and that my husband would like to check it before we made the payment. She was quite insistent, but didn't call back for the rest of the week.

Then, when we got there, the tire issue hadn't even been taken care of. We looked inside and saw a mess, which was quite different from when we dropped it off. Apparently, they were not careful moving it into the shop, the we noticed that our living room slide out had been opened and closed while we were gone. The bedroom is where the air conditioner was being replaced, which is the first slide out to be opened.

(This is the last slide out to open when we push the button for slide outs, we noticed because we always put a silicone type sheet under the living room slider to keep from scratching the hardwood floor). The silicone sheet was not in there the way we always place it. I talked to the manager about this, and he called in the man who did the work, he of course denied that he opened the slider. The manager of course believed the employee.

I wasn't asking for money or even to have the floor replaced, I just wanted to know why this happened, but as I said, the customer is NEVER right there. I know there are some honest and caring, helpful employees there, we have gotten help from them, but I can't say the same for the service department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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