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The camper that we bought broke down within 15 to 20 miles from camping world in Nashville Tennessee we bought the camper on for 4/30/2017drove it off the lot 4/31-2027within 15 to 20 miles a broke down on us camping world has had the camper since then and has not call but one time to tell us anything about it and I have called the person that sold the camper to me text Him several times and his response is that camper is here we will let u know when it is done this has over a 37 days they have the camper they told us that We do at a five-star search on the trailer evidently they did not they put four new tires on the trailer and didn't even notice that the axle are they all bearings were out on the tire on the wheel I am fed up with This disappointing and not happy at all about this I'm at the point that I want my money back please contact me and tell me what I need to do #931-593-2531

Product or Service Mentioned: Camper.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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all camper dealers are a pos, lie fees omg I do not know of a good rv dealer any where there are not one they say we have no hidden charges which may be a fact and all campers are a pos all junk glue wood plastic and staples they fall aprt on the way home

Richfield Springs, New York, United States #1337513

Well we hired a lawyer and purchase a winnebago from camping world in NC and were told they are sold as is and there's no warranty only from manufacture. So ours has been 9 times for warranty work out of service more then in, had the same issue fixed multiple times. Recommendation NEVER BUY FROM CAMPIMG WORLD.


You will NOT get your money back, that's for sure.

They will be charging you for the repairs.

They will NOT repair it correctly.

You can fuss and raise heck with them all you want and it will NOT help the situation.

I feel sorry for you and anybody who deals with these thieves.

They have no conscience , they ARE an evil corporation.

Kerhonkson, New York, United States #1337307

First you should go back to school and learn how to spell. And also how to start and stop a sentence. Don't ever buy a camper from camping world

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