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I recently purchased an RV from Camping World Albuquerque. Along with it I also purchased an extended warranty through Good Sam.

We had a microwave issue in which it shut down in one minute - and a broken door hinge so I decided to take it in. I told the service group I had looked up the failure on the internet and explained that it was a turn table sensor and that PCB should be replaced. I also showed them the broken hinge and explained that there are no replacements so please buy the aftermarket hinges supplied on the Internet as they are much better. I left my RV and waited 9 days without hearing anything then I called Camping world.

The Customer service Rep Begins to tell me exactly what I told them was the failure and fix. Then said my warranty was canceled. I just bought the 3 yr. warranty a month ago.

I asked to talk to a manager and was transferred to voicemail. I then tried calling anyone at Camping World and all phone calls went to Voice Mail. I left messages. I called the front office receptionist telling her I wanted to talk to anyone.

She tells me the General Manager is aware of my issue and will call me today. No Call. I couldn't get anyone to respond for another Week. Then 17 days after I dropped my RV off I get a call telling me they are going to cover the Microwave but not the door.

Ok I say get it done. Yes Sir. I wait another 2 weeks no calls - At this point I am fuming so I write letter to camping world corporate. The next day the service manager calls me and I explain my discontent.

He tells me He understands and that he would be frustrated too if he didn’t know what was going on and no one was calling him back. He Say's "I will investigate and call you right back - will you be near this phone sir" I tell him yes. NO CALL BACK FOR THREE DAYS" So then 24 days into the repair the Service Manager calls me and says your RV will be ready tomorrow - We will call you and let you know. NO CALL !!!!!

Finally they call Friday day 26 of the repair. Your RV is ready “ REMEMBER I went to just get a Microwave fixed and Door hinges installed. Before they pull out my RV for inspection I get sent to the cahier. I go over there and pay 186.00 for the door hinge job.

First I was told the hinges were about 40 bucks they turned out to be over a 100.00 then I was told since I waited so long they would not charge me for labor. Well I didn't see a labor charge but I got a charge for shipping the hinges 18.50 and even a 7.50 charge for paper towels ???? plus the expensive hinges of course. I just paid and wanted to get the *** out of there.

So I walk in the RV and look towards the Microwave and there is no MICROWAVE !!!!! They pull my RV back in the shop. My wife and I set there about an hour and finally the RV is pulled out and given to me. I drive it home and check the microwave.

I turn it on and its making terrible vibrating noises. Looks like it was mounted completely wrong I guess. I'm just glad to have my RV back and I will never take it to CAMPING WORLD again. I have been in there several times and it seems I am completely ignored and it appears that everybody there just doesn't give a ***.

There are many employees there and they are just wandering around doing nothing. This may explain why Camping World exhibits a level of total incompetence. My Wife and I are now feeling we wish we never even bought a new RV and we haven't even gone camping. I am very upset as I have signed up for a 15 yr loan on an RV and My wife tells me that the thought of having an RV just places a bad taste in her mouth.

We have had 4 other RV's and I was all excited to enjoy our new camping experiences and it appears we are just completely frustrated and not very eager to use our new RV.


Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $26.

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Manhattan, Kansas, United States #799794

He is too busy doing his TV show :upset


I think Marcus Lemonis should get off his a** and check out all these complaints. Instead of setting on his big a** and pulling in all these millions of scam dollars.

can't believe he is the CEO of Camping world and GoodSam and don't give a d***

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