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I am writing this because I feel I was terminated for unfair reasons. i have been a Camping World employee for 25 years in various positions including service installer(5.5 yrs), shop supervisor and service manager for about(15yrs), and a product specialist for approx. 5 yrs. During that time I've relocated 6 times and was a traveling service mgr. for about 4 months. I have always been a good employee, with excellent progress reviews. I lead by example and my product, service, and membership sales have consistently been either at the highest or near the highest in every store i have worked. My last store in Coburg was no different. My attendance was near perfect. I was late for work one time, but was early almost every day as well as stayed late if needed. I was out of work on medical for about 11 months for complication from open heart surgery. In a coma for 4mos, and cardio and motor/muscle in patient rehab for 4 mos. 3 more months outpatient rehab. All this to learn how to walk, talk and use my left hand again(from a stroke suffered during surgery). The Drs. said I would never work again, but I proved them wrong, only to be fired after 10 months. Brian Morgan wrote me up 3 times for 3 different reasons, none of which I repeated. I just don't understand the reason I was fired, nor do I agree with it. If someone would look at my record I believe it backs me up on this. also to terminate an employee that has devoted so much time to a company and not even offer a severance package or extended health care benefits is just not right. I would like someone to look into this. I feel like i was discarded like a piece of garbage. I loved my job and my customers loved me. I got a long with almost everyone. I think they got rid of me because of my salary and my medical problems. Speaking of salary, they refused to pay me the commissions I collected on about 8 prepays I did, saying they don't pay till they close out. Since they fired me before they closed them out, i heard Brian Morgan paid them to the other product specialists. If he could pay my commissions to them, why not me? I admit I did have to miss some work here and there for medical appointments, but I always came to work after and made up the hours on other days. I would be willing to go threw arbitration, or just be happy to get my job back. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brian K Miller emp#3268


2555 gateway st #10

springfield, or


Reason of review: wrongfully terminated.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Skokie, Illinois, United States #1187146

Do yourself a favor and don't go back. You will end up in *** if you work there. That's is were all the people that work there are going to be if you what to see them again.

Livermore, California, United States #1098998

so? Start your own business.

SHOW THEM UP! Dont whine online...


Lol. he bragged about out too!

Eugene, Oregon, United States #1077275

They will fire you at the drop of a hat, if you're not friends or family of upper management. I've seen so many great employees lose their jobs for made up offenses. Yet, the sales mangers son was caught selling drugs on company property, was not ordering parts for the shop and advisors while he was parts manger, and did not get fired.


Good luck I hope you get what you want


I feel so bad for you! I am an employee who is on FMLA and they cut my pay from salary and commission to $12.25 hour.

I have started a claim against camping world for this. Here is the number for labor and industries civil department, 971-673-0764.

They were not shocked by my call and said it was in my best interest to get the paperwork back to them right away so they could start their investigation. Hope this helps, good luck.

to Anonymous #1051504

thanks so much for the information and shareing. best of luck to you, making the call.


Why would you even think about going back. They are rude and treat you like ***.

I can't stand them. Lowell Arkansas.

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