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Being an out-of-state buyer I made the sad assumption I would be given a fair deal. First, they tried to sell it for a different price than agreed upon.

I asked for a walkthrough video & was told it wouldn't upload. When I asked about issues with the rig I was told "everything works" I had to specifically ask about water damage & was told, "it looks like it might have had a little at one time but it had been repaired correctly". I woke up on a rainy morning to a puddle under a window & the whole nose wallboard bubbled out from water intake. It arrived with the windows open (this was in January) & the kitchen roof vent dome was completely broken with just the frame left.

I emailed to ask why I wasn't told about the vent & the salesman replied: "The wind must have been bad on the trip down". No, this vent was already like this. I wasn't told about the 2 gashes in the ceiling & bedroom wall. Nor was I told about the broken molding on the entertainment center, the disgustingly dirty carpet that is stained beyond cleaning, the table that is so loose in its stands you cant put anything on it without it wobbling back & forth, the water connections that are rusted so bad that putting a hose on them is quite a chore, the water heater that is so rusted plug barely fits in & this after having to re-thread it, all the patchwork with some type of tape on the fender flares, the microwave that doesn’t operate completely, the furnace blower motor that is on its last leg, the shower that is pulled away from the wall & had to be re-attached & silicone before use as well as the shower connect hose that doesn’t fit the faucet & had to be replaced & finally the door that had stripped screws in the plate on the frame that had to be drilled out & replaced to get the door to shut properly.

Then to top it off I live part-time in Utah & part time in Montana. I was told I HAD to license it in Utah. I told them I was in Montana for the most part of the year & needed to license it there then they sent the paperwork to the Utah DMV when I'm in Montana. All this because the finance guy was too lazy to rewrite the paperwork!

Needless to say, it is not licensed yet. I specifically asked about a different broken vent & could they somehow secure it for the transport trip & was told yes, they didn't. The major thing is the roof leak. Upon closer inspection its obvious it’s been like this awhile, fixed with a small strip of cracked tape across the seam on the nose.

I realize it’s an older trailer (2002) but come on I feel I was completely taken advantage of because I was buying sight unseen & trusted them to be honest with me when in fact they were just looking to dump this trailer. I was told the bank wouldn't accept my online credit app & they sent me another to sign. I was told the payments were figured reflecting a $1500 down payment but I was only required to pay $500 down - how does that work? Their transport & setup fee is outrageous especially when I was told the setup fee was to cover the service department doing a walk-through to inspect it.

I wouldn't trust the service department to build a peanut butter sandwich based on all the issues this trailer has, things an inexperienced trailer buyer like myself saw immediately. It came with a paper temp tag & that's it as far as paperwork I even had to beg twice for my copies of the signed paperwork & then I was emailed a copy but a copy wasn't good enough for them when I was trying to get them to release the trailer for delivery, they had to wait until they got the originals back in the mail when they already had them signed by me & emailed to them.

The whole experience has me wishing I would have gone through a local dealer or Bish’s RV. If I could return this rig I certainly would as I feel completely taken advantage of & played. I figured going through Campingworld I would at least be treated honestly when in fact all they were after was to dump this thing & I was the perfect buyer because I was female & from out of state.

Lesson learned. The sad part is I work for a state park in the summer & what better place to promote an RV dealership....or not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Original price.

I didn't like: Many things.

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