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Place sucks. I found the fifth wheel I whanted after many weeks of looking online at what each manufacturer had to offer.

After picking what I wanted the only place I could find it in town was at camping world. Sent an email about the fifth wheel to Hanna that I liked the fifth wheel and I wanted to trade in my 2015 TT. Took her two days to get back to me. Then sent me a appraisal form which I filled out the same day with in the hr.

Sent it back and two more days went by no call or responds. So I called them to see what was up and they said sorry we are just busy. Finally got a appointment set up to see the trailer with Casey. Told him what I wanted to see he took us back and the price was cheaper then what was shown online which was cool.

So we said will take it and went back to start the paper work and it was sold to someone else. They found us one that was a little different with less options but the Same layout and same price? Started the paper work and put money down and then waited a week and didn’t hear anything back so I called to see what was up and was told their just so busy and the financial guy was off. That someone should call you soon.

At that time I asked Casey about a fifth wheel hitch price for my truck. He said they would get back to me. He never did. I finally called the service shop myself and got a price 300 dollars more then every truck accessories shop and RV shop in town for the same style and brand hitch.

And that was with a supposedly 15% discount lol. 4 more days go by and still no call from the financial guy to say I was approved or not this has now been 10 days since I put money down to start the process. So I called them again and got the same thing sorry we’re just so busy. I asked them when the trailer was going to get here and if I was approved and if so what are the terms.

Casey said trailer is here but it will take a few days to go through it so next week some time. Which made me not happy being this whole process has been over three weeks since I sent the 1st email. And I bought the trailer I wanted they didn’t have to do any work to sale it. Finally I get a pick up date and a call back from financial guy.

Bring in my trade which they low balled me on. after setting down with the financial guy they had hidden cost and the price was back to what they showed online. Not what was showen on the trailer when we looke at it. Sighed anyway because I really like the trailer and they were the only ones that could get it.

Was rushed when it came time for pick up was told by Rico if I had any issues to call him and he will take care of it. Went out the same weekend with the fifth wheel and found lots of problems. Slider is sticking when it comes out. Widow in bedroom is missing a lock.

A bed shock is broken. I have a slider pocket door that doesn’t open. The floor has ripples in it. What did they look at when Casey said they had to go over the trailer before delivery?

When I called Rico about the slider sticking i is normal you have to lupe the rails? Me? I just bought it and I have to lupe the rails? Then he said to send him a video of what it’s doing.

So I did and he never called back. So I called him and got sorry we’re just busy and my phone is acting up. Let me look and I will call you back. He never did.

So I called Casey. He said the same thing may have to lupe it or it operator error Call back the main number and talk to service. Which I did no answer So I had to leave a message. I then sent Casey the video and finally I got a call back from the service department and have a schedule time to bring it in.

Will see how that goes. This process took two days. I would strongly suggest going somewhere else to do business. Every step has been a struggle.

I have many friends that camp and will tell everyone I know never go there. I know this post doesn’t main much. Looking at all the other reviews saying the same things.

And camping worlds response is the same on everyone of them lol. Thank you for bringing this to our attention bla bla....

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Trade-in.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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