We have been fighting with Camping World Hanover, PA since a week after we purchased our Fuzion Chrome 5th wheel. We have been saving and looking forward to this on our retirement.

It has been nothing but a migraine headache. They had our camper for a month and did nothing to it. Each time we wanted to use it we had to go there and get it and then return it. Nothing works right, nothing fits right and Camping World and Keystone RV, the manufacturer, keep blaming each other.

We were promised a new patio railing. It was to be there 2 days after we were heading out west. We come back 2 months later and have an appointment to get EVERYTHING FIXED from the lists we gave them like 4 times.

10 days later we find out the ONLY thing they did was winterize it. We have no idea how serious this structure crack is or if we can even use it anymore.

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