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Some of the problems are with Itasca ,most are with Camping World of Summerfield, FL. It is the most messed and incompetent group of so called service personnel people ever.

Starting with the service manager and finishing with the service advisers and technicians. They cant balance tires or align a front end had to take it to Orlando FL 140 mile round trip left it for a week. Another trip to get it, at 6.5 miles per gal plus our car ,that's a lot of cost we took it to Orlando for a shake down cruise of a few days .We had plumbing leaks in shower lose clamps ,bedroom TV would lose its programing got less channels than front TV, the Jack antenna does not compare at all to a Winegard antenna. Front drivers window wont lock, stabilizing jacks leaked fluid on ground left for repairs and some were fixed others were dismissed .

went on 10 K trip out to San Francisco while on US 80 in Wyoming the buss suddenly took a left turn and tipped up I saved it and pulled off the road We opened the door to go inspect and the awning was fully extended. An electric one had gone bad part of a recall by Dometic it would not come back in .A motorist pulled over and between the 3 of us we got the awning back in and secured it with rope .He had the same problem him self .Called Good Sam they sent us back 50 miles to a repair shop that could do most repair's I had them drill holes in awning frame and screw it together so it wouldn't come apart their estimate was at least 2 weeks to get parts in, I paid them 100 $ for the temporary repairs he did not do warranty labor. .Rest of trip was un-event full. Took bus to CW and left it .it was weeks later we found out they hadn't ordered it ,the service writer quit and nobody followed up on his tickets, then we got a lady for an advisor and she said it was now ordered but that took weeks to get it in.

and than after broken promises they said they could not get new one to retract fully I told them to go look at same bus on their lot and compare many phone calls were made promises of completion were made and phone calls were seldom returned it They moved completion to next day ,next day etc. they claimed Dometic said remove a part and it would work it did but they ordered another one claimed it was defective and had damage to it . We went on another trip to Connecticut, The heater AC would turn on and the gas heat would turn on also even though the temperatures were only in the 50's & 60'S,TV reception was poor. In the course of 2 months at their shop we could not go any where.

We had many electric problems with the converter 120 AC source breakers kept tripping never found out why. On one trip we lost all lighting and then found out that a third breaker was in the system, We finally found it under the fridge .the trim around one side of the bed came off the molding. the shower door would not close with out some effort .The leveling jacks creep downward after sitting a few days . a light came on dash that jacks were down when they were up ,one camera failed momentarily while backing up put deep scratches in rear paint from hitting a palm tree.

They want 1800$ to repaint several foot long marks .drivers window still doesn't lock. TV lift failed 2 times finally they fixed the TV reception problem and replaced the radio CD player I had to reinstall TV in bedroom my self it is still a pile of trouble. The lady who was our advisor said loudly to another advisor she could not put up another day with complaining customers any more right at the service desk. That happens to be the job I am always polite in spite of the troubles.

got told by service manager that he had a recording of me cussing out an advisor but couldn't produce it That is something I just don't do .one of the frequent replies is we couldn't duplicate the problem.

Or its fixed and a few days later its broke . I am disgusted with them would necer buy from them again

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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North Tonawanda, New York, United States #930335

I also had an $8500 loss do to this campingworld but after researching I've found that it seems ALL the camping worlds are ripping people off as if the "PROFIT" is training is personal to take $ at all cost . They are face to face liars cheaters and thieves ruthless worse than any corner car lot .

Pirates in sheep skin. George , Keith , Greg and Beverly you are by all definition Theives

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