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Yes, we are back with another complaint on Camping World only this time it is the one in Syracuse, NY. We had to take our 2016 Sierra fifth wheel up to have some repairs done.

We called ahead to let them know we would be there at the time we had agreed on they said okay we will be ready for you. Well, they weren't ready in fact they couldn't even find the work order, finally after 1/2 hour or so they found it! They were to replace the counter top that was scratched when we bought it and after waiting for a couple of hours the service manager informed us that they had received the wrong thing, he said they had a kitchen sink and not a counter top; the sink and counter are all one piece. My husband went back to look and told them that what they had received was right.

They also were to repair the TV jack in the kitchen because it wasn't working. They did the repairs and we after a long day we finally got home around 9:00 pm. We set the fifth wheel up and discovered that they had left a huge mess of sawdust and wood chips in the kitchen cabinet and on the floor from installing the counter top! The next day I was drawing a sink full of water for dishes and noticed a stream of water coming out from under the island cabinet, looked inside and it was full of water.

It turned out that they didn't put the drain in correctly and they didn't even bother to check it for leaks after installing it! The sink cutout that serves as counter space when needed wasn't given to us and the old one doesn't fit properly!! We were told that they discovered the TV jack was not plugged in wherever it needed to be plugged in and that it was okay, well it still doesn't work!! My husband told me that when he went back and found the counter one of the techs said "Why does it need to be replaced?

That's not that bad of a scratch." That is none of his business, he is there to work on the units and not judge whether something needs to be replaced or not. Another said " how are we going to fix the TV jack, all the wires are in the walls and ceiling." I was furious about their carelessness, sloppiness and bad attitude!! I called the next day and asked for the service manager which I believe is Tammi and left a message telling her that we had some issues that were not happy with; needless to say she never called me back! This is the second Camping World we have had a bad experience with, the first was in Ohio, where we purchased the unit.

They are making me feel like a chronic complainer which I am not it is just due to their lack of giving a *** about the customer! We still have an issue with one of the jacks leaking and they said they were going to order the part and call us however I refuse to take it back there, they are not touching this fifth wheel ever again. We will have to take it to another Camping World and hope that we might get better service!

We are fortunate that my husband is very handy and he was able to fix the drain issue but we still have all of the other issues. Buyer Beware!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Sloppy workmanship bad attitude, Poor follow up.

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Why do you plan on going to another Camping World?

Are the 700 complaints on this site not enough for you?


Same here! Our kitchen floor is being dug up by the kitchen slide.

Camping world Syracuse and Keystone could care less about it. We purchased this unit from Syracuse Camping world and I will never buy another unit from them our Keystone.

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