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I recently went to Sirpilla RV in Akron OH and asked to test drive a class C RV to see if I could handle it. I was hoping to buy one at the RV show this winter, assuming I could drive/park/back it.

The man, no gentleman, on duty asked if I was buying today and I explained what I wanted to do. He told me he couldn't leave the desk in case a real customer came in to buy. I told him he just lost a sale because I had passed 2 Rv dealers on my way to his. Fortunately, Camping World has mail order, because this firm has their store on premises, and I won't go back even for that.

Camping World never responded to my complaint about him. So Beware!!!

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My wife and I had a similar rude salesman. Condescending, rude and treated us like we were ***.

His name was 'Mark' and I hope his boss reads this. He was more interested in playing his game on his computer than coming out on the showroom floor and asking if we needed anything. We wanted to look at a cougar and he only had 3 of which my wife did not like the floor plans and neither did I. He stated "his time was valuable and he would just get us some brochures".

He left us out on the lot by ourselves and went back inside to play his computer games. BIG MISTAKE. We WERE ready to buy, had the title to our other camper that was in supposedly getting serviced (another horror story)that we were going to trade in on a new one. This ignorant, lazy man should be observed by his manager.

Maybe he WAS the manager. Oh well, they lost our business and Camping World is losing another used to be loyal customer. Their service department absolutely is filled with incompetent people who are unable to communicate, are rude, looking down their noses and treating you like you are *** when YOU say that YOU KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS and then they try to side track you with extra fees for BS.

I will NEVBR go back there again.

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