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The management of camping world of okc leaves a little to be desired. I had made plans to buy a used fuzion fifth wheel camper from them after the had told me one price two days latter came back with another price so i said that wasnt what we had disscucced so i changed my mind .

that next weekend they lowered the price so i called my salesman back and told him to redo the deal he said ok. the next day the credit maneger called me and told me he would get the together. i was called back the next day and told how much the payments would be and it would be ready for pick up on sat.

After talking to my salesperson comfirming everything about 30 min latter the salesmanager called me and procceded to tell that the unit i was supposed to pick up on sat had been sold. So was it sold for more money or what and how can you operate this besiness and nowbody knows what is going on.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Broken promises.

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that is no good

to Anonymous #1125159

What do you mean it is no good, someone was willing to pay a higher price than you that way they make more money. The OP needs to ask her parents how things work.

She could not afford and or was unwilling to pay the higher price, someone else did and they got the camper. Throwing a temper tantrum is not going to help anyone.

to Anonymous #1125184

Yea that's not an issue when they call you and tell you what your payments are and you can pick it up in two day a little different

to Anonymous #1342459

Was the until sold to the commentator? If so, it can't be re-sold for a higher amount of money. Either it was sold the first time or it wasn't.

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