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We bought a camper on June 4th. This was a used camper a 2017 Sunset Trail.

It just got on their lot May 31st and we bought it on June 4th after they assured us everything was in working order. Finally got to take it out on the weekend of the 30th of June. The converter would not keep the battery charged, the hot water heater smells rotten eggs so they didn't check it or flush it, are slide on one end of it slopes down so you feel like you're going to fall out you can set a glass on the table and it's an inch and a half out of being level. But the biggest thing that really aggravated me was when I asked why the front cap was so dingy looking, the salesman told me oh that's just dirt it'll wash clean well guess what it didn't its oxidation and on the day we picked it up it was cloudy so we couldn't see it but the very next day the sun was out I looked out the window at my new camper and seen the two different colors, call them right away they told me they will take care of it.

We hauled it all the way back down there they didn't take care of it, they offered to spray the protective coating on it and they did but it didn't take care of it, and of course now they're not going to take care of it we are stuck with it. Don't believe anything they say the icing on the cake was after we got all set up in our camping spot we ate dinner that night and I went to do dishes, and the sink would not drain. Grey water tanks were both left full, what this tells me is that they are incompetent they don't really check out used units before they sell them and then you're stuck with all the problems I'm having to take your camper back and trying to make them fix it, and oh and by the way we didn't have a full hook-up site. When I said this to the service manager he said well somebody just forgot to empty the tank.

It is a good thing that we had a tank with us to drain it or else we would have had to hook back up and go up to the dump station. Now our camper is back at Camping World for the third time trying to get these things fixed, they're guaranteeing me that my camper back in time for me to pack it and leave on my next trip August 5th I will keep you posted as to what's goes on. Oh one other important thing when you're going through your walk through and the lights are dim and the slide won't go out and the on awning is not going out don't let them tell you it just needs a bigger battery it's your converter.

But they did put a bigger battery in and it lasted for 2 days and then we woke up to 90 degrees inside our trailer at 3 in the morning and had to hook up a battery charger to make it through the next 2 days. I will be checking everything they say they have fixed because I don't really know if they know if it's been fixed I have no confidence in them at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Crossroads Rv Sunset Trail Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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