Mesa, Arizona
Not resolved

Finally had our trailer returned after 4 months!!! Returned DAMAGED!!

Camping World says to have it fixed and they will refund our money! What a Mickey Mouse operation!! Total BS!! I would think they’d check before delivering a damaged trailer!

And nobody wants to discuss this with me, I guess when you fail this bad there is nothing left to say!

I am working with the Service Manager now who has been very polite, understanding and helpful, maybe he should have handled this from the beginning, we would still like our money refunded that we paid in storage fees all summer while the trailer baked in the parking lot of Camping World!!

180 dollars a month for 4 months, 4 months that we were told the trailer would be finished, we paid these storage fees based on empty promises that the trailer would be complete and delivered each month. I’m done, I can tell nobody gives a damn, this is our last trailer purchase with Camping World.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Trailer Repair.

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