Made appointment for service in manassas va location. Held my camper for 2 months.

Called after one month. No record they had camper not even in there system. Called a month later. They had no ideas or projection when it would be ready.

I advised them I was on way to pickup. When I got there There was another customer who purchased from the same location. He indicated his camper had been in shop for two months after purchase and not even a courtesy call with updated status. Another customer was in parking lot jelling he was sold a used rv as new.

This is one of the three dealers Camping World purchased to capture the VA market. These are the same dealers when I was looking to purchase proudly proclaimed buy here service here others need not apply.

They should perge this attitude or employees. At least retrain to a standard of service.

No initiative or concern of customer service. No general manager on site.

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