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I am updating my original 5 star rating to a one star as of June 21st 2018. If your in the market to buy a high dollar "Toy" like a ATV, travel trailer, or boat you have most likely scoured through the reviews on potential dealers to buy from, just like I did. You may even see the 3.5 star total for a company such as Camping World in Burlington and think, maybe those other folks just dealt with the wrong people or didn't negotiate the price correctly, just like I did.

So you take a chance and head on down to the friendly camping world RV purchasing center and are greeted immediately by a salesman. They bend over backwards taking you to floor plan after floor plan, less expensive and more expensive RVs, and finally you find the one you have been searching for, just like I did. You are impressed with your initial instinct to go against that 3.5 star rating and find yourself inside of the financing portion of the friendly camping world RV purchasing center, just like I did. You finalize your purchase, wait for the unit to be detailed and ready for your inspection and walk through with another super friendly RV specialist that will go above and beyond explaining every aspect of your new unit and answer all the questions that you may have, just like I did.

Everything at this point is perfect, no problems or issues and at the time that I purchased my Keystone Hideout there was still a little summer and fall left to hit the road and make some memories. Then winter gets closer and you call the service department to schedule your winterization for your unit. Your first appointment goes okay besides the fact that every time you call the service department they are always busy, so you leave a message and they take days or weeks to get back to you. Then you drop off your unit and talk to the service representative and you get the distinct feeling that they really don't care and are terrible at their jobs. They say it will be a couple of weeks before the work is done and you continually wait for a call to pick up, but the call never comes. A week after the two week initial service estimate you call the service department to see if your unit is complete and you find out that it was completed almost 2 weeks ago but they mistakenly forgot to call you to pick it up.

If your like me you still try to give them the benefit of the doubt but something just doesn't feel right. You talk to other folks that recently purchased an RV and you hear about this top notch after the sale service where they call you to have your unit winterized, inspections for warranty purposes completed, and other service related appointments. My internet friends if you have heard about that after the sale service you most likely did not purchase your unit from Camping World because this service really, and I mean REALLY doesn't exist.

Fast forward to June 8th 2018. I called the service department to try and schedule my de-winterization. Service department was busy, just like last winter and I was instructed to leave my name and number and they would call me. The call never came. I called again on the 18th and this time left an message with a service associate, they still have never called me back as of the 21st. I got tired of waiting and looked up on YouTube how to complete my own de-winterization and went to camping world to get some supplies and observe how busy the service department really was. I witnessed 4 service associates huddled around their desks in their rolly chairs just shooting the breeze I thought okay maybe a slow day? I was in the store for almost an hour and they barely moved from their intense discussion.

All in all if you would like an RV I would highly recommend you stay away from Camping world, take the reviews seriously and go to a dealer that actually cares. You will receive excellent service when you purchase and will receive no service afterwards. It is disappointing due to the fact that I also needed warranty work completed due to my awning (installed by camping world) is starting to fall off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I'm in the same situation with service. I just brought home my new travel trailer on Saturday, got it hooked up on Monday and the refrigerator does not work.

I get to wait 2 weeks for them to get a part.

They suggest I use a cooler. Ha!

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