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This review could go on for pages about how we were lied to, ignored when trying to find out where the title was, fed misinformation, and treated like we were stupid when we bought a used RV from CW. OK I will admit to being stupid for going there but it was a seldom seen RV and we wanted it.

But this one incident stands out because it was so totally unnecessary.

The salesman at Camping World had said they would change the oil for free in the Onan generator in the used RV we were about to purchase. We took him at his word it was done. During the pre-purchase walk through they said they had tested the generator and when I started it the generator worked fine, started right up and ran smoothly. I started it a couple of times and the last time it remained running long enough for me to test all the circuits in the RV.

Probably 5 minutes. When we got the RV back back home I went to run the generator and it no longer worked. It would crank until I let go of the start switch. An internet search suggested that I check the oil level as that is a common cause of that symptom.

When I unscrewed the dipstick, oil came flowing out. It was way way above the full level on the dipstick, it was at the very top of the reservoir! In fact when I siphoned oil out I got over 7 oz. extra oil before it was down far enough to read full on the dipstick.

When I changed the oil, and here is the really interesting part, the oil by the dipstick that I had siphoned out was fresh clear new oil. The vast majority of oil that flowed out of the drain plug was old, black oil. Fresh on top, old below. The only scenario I can think of is someone just poured fresh oil on top of the old oil in the reservoir to make it appear that the oil had been changed.

The generator hasn't started since. I doubt the generator would have run smoothly with 7 extra oz. of oil (it checks oil pressure on startup and won't run if it is out of spec and 7 oz too much oil is way out of spec). But even if it did run, the clean oil on the top would quickly have been mixed with the old oil in the running engine.

The oil at the top of the reservoir was pristine when I opened it. This tells me the generator was most likely not run after the oil went in.

So I believe it must have happened after we tested it at the dealership and before we drove it off the lot. After dealing with those people I have n doubt they are capable of doing that.

I didn't like: Entire experience, Lied to and ignored by service dept, Poor service after sale, Poor and evasive communications, Disrespected by corporate.

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