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Dear Marcus,

Sorry this did not get sent to you, I found it in my draft, now 5 months later we are having more issues with Camping World.


This is our 5th purchase for Camping World RV of Longmont, Colorado (previously K&C RV ).

Last year we purchased a 28 ft. BH Jayco, in September of 2013 we took it to Camping world for some warranty work, they had it until the first of May 2014( 8 months) the first trip out of town the Jack did not work and we had to rent a car because we could not get it off our pickup, they did replace the Jack (even the manual did not work), when we took it to Camping World last week to traded it in, that new Jack did not work either, after one trip, we waited about 45 minuets for some one to come help us, and check us in, which is ridiculous, thank goodness we were at Camping World, finally someone showed up and they were able to get it off with a fork lift.

Now on to our new Winnebago Class C Aspect, we picked it up last Friday Oct 24, today Oct 28, (4 days later) we are taking it back to Camping World, the backup camera does not work, the speakers out side and inside don't work, one of the slide outs does not extend or retract properly, oh it does, but goes out at an angle, the back compartment door latch is broke, and can't be latched, the shade by the table doesn't work, the brace between the kitchen drawers is broke, they told us we ran the slide out in and broke it, funny thing about that, the guides on the drawers aren't bent, just a few along with numerous other things. I was showing it to our neighbors and their question to me was, "what dose work?" When we took delivery it should have been travel ready, they did not start prepping it for us until we arrived to pick it up, we actually had to wait.

MAY 2015:

Since I started this email, we have had our coach back at Camping World twice, in Jan/Feb to fix the problems they were suppose to be fixed back in Oct. when we bought it. Thing about when we bought it, we were never told that we had priority, we were told that there were 19 ahead of us. Then again in Jan/Feb. we took it back to be worked on, we took it on a trip and yes in deed they did fix a couple of the problems. While we were away I ended up calling Winnebago and speaking to Jake, who walked me through not having and cable reception in the back TV which we did before, and indeed it didn't worked previously, the unit that runs the DVD, TV, speakers do not work, also the the radio pretty much doesn't work, we have to get with in 10 miles of a tower to use it. We have also had trouble with the levelers and the back latch was never put on/fixed and now the second one has fallen off, we are using a dungy cord to keep the door from popping open.

As of today Camping World has had our coach for 4 weeks, and it still isn't finished, we were told this morning that the service man we were dealing with is no longer there, I'm not sure when we will get it back or when we do it will be fixed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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Dear Marcus doesn't care ,he's busy making a profit

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