Have to replace roof and wall because the told our insurance company it was poor maintence. Roof was resealed every 6 months had not water damage until they replace a $700 seal they said I needed and lost about an equal amount of money in camping equipment in highway 17 which by the way they did not stop to try and pick it up.

I was told it was not their responsibility. We did not use it until 5 months later. The slide would not go in. I contacted them in June when we used it the 2nd time and told them we would be there for 3 weeks.

Didn't come get it until August. He said if it was something they did they would fix it. I told him that somehow I knew they wouldn't own up to it. Here I am with a 10 year old camper that's been maintained.

Not by them that's why they said it was poor maintence. We did have a camper service with in the campground where we stored that sealed it every fall and spring since we had. Yes a lot can happen in a year but but we hadn't moved or used it since they brought it back for 5 months. You tell me how that much damage got done from October- March.

We were told 2 different stories from 2 different people.

I would buy, sell, trade or have any maintence work done by them unless you want to get taken advantage of because you depended on them. What's even worse the camper was bought from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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