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Not that important, but reviewing my notes, when I called Friday March 3rd I talked to a Brady not Bradley. Also, other than our introduction first thing Thurs a.m., the only other time Kelly came out her office through the entire ordeal was when I requested she tell me to my face that she had mentioned a deposit as she had told her manager.

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March 11, 2017 CEO Camping World Corporate Office & Headquarters 650 Three Springs Road Bowling Green KY 42104 Dear Sir, This letter is being written in hope something might be done, procedures, communication, whatever, to keep anyone else from going through what I just did. My wife and I decided we were ready for an RV a little larger than what we currently own so I went on a search for what we wanted.

That being a Navion 24g of certain years and configuration. On I found just what we were looking for at your Salt Lake City dealer. Thinking it might be easier to follow what happened, I will try via a timeline format. Tuesday February 28th: I called the store and was transferred to a salesperson named Kelli.

I asked her questions that weren’t on the website and inquired about a range of trade-in value on our RoadTrek. She said she would call me back with the info. Wednesday March 1st: No return phone call. Thursday March 2nd: Afternoon, having still not received a return call, I called the store and was transferred to end up with Kelli’s voice mail, left her a message.

Friday March 3rd: By mid-afternoon having not yet getting a return call, I called the store and asked if I could talk to a salesperson other than Kelli, was transferred to Bradley. Told him a brief history of what had happened with a half serious, have joking comment about wanting to deal with a salesperson that was interested in selling an RV. He took the basic details on our RoadTrek and promised to call back in 5 to 10 minutes. Less than 2 minutes later our phone rang and it was Kelli saying she was getting back to me with my requested info, no mention of my conversation with Bradley.

I thanked her and told her that my wife and I would discuss and get back to her. She said fine but mentioned there was coincidentally another gentleman from California that had called about the same unit. I couldn’t help but think that by what had transpired she thought I was a different person than who originally called. Monday March 6th: I called Kelli and told her that I was interested enough in the Navion that I was going to fly from my home in Northern California Wednesday the 8th, after a business meeting that I could not miss, to Salt Lake City and would see her when they opened Thursday morning.

I also mentioned to her that we were not interested in trading in our RoadTrek. I asked if she could please take my cell number as I would not be home and call me if anything changed before I flew out on Wednesday. She said she would. Wednesday March 8th: After arriving in Salt Lake City that night my wife called to say that when she had arrived home that evening there was a message on the answering machine from Kelli stating that there were no deposits on the Navion and it was still there.

I wondered why she hadn’t called my cell as agreed but regardless, all was well. (To tie in later, absolutely no question, that was the first time I had heard the word ‘deposit.’) Thursday March 9th: Arrived at the store a couple minutes after 9 and asked for Kelli. She met me accompanied with a gentleman named Jeff whom she said would show me the unit as he was much more familiar with the Navion than she. Jeff walked me out telling me a little history on the RV.

After looking in the interior with much discussion, Jeff went to start it to move it out so we could access the exterior and it wouldn’t start, low battery from setting for 2 months and evidently something was left on. While Jeff went to get assistance I continued exploring the interior and had decided that we would come to terms and I would be off to California in it. Try to imagine my feeling when literally climbing out of the driver’s seat I had just adjusted for my drive home to be told “sorry, it’s sold, someone left a deposit with the internet sales department after business hours last night.” Jeff walked me back to the office to meet with the manager, Levi. My shock must have been very evident.

Levi explained the situation to me ending with there was nothing he could do as I had left no deposit. Again, absolutely, the first I had been told anything about a deposit. Being a person who had retired from a life of nothing but operating on ‘good faith’, I’m still wondering what about the facts that with my verbal and physical commitment to having transferred all the funds needed to our checking account, booking a one way flight, the expense of an overnight stay, car rental, and bringing what was needed for a 2 day drive home wasn’t commitment enough. If informed, I would have had no qualms about a deposit.

Levi did treat me with courtesy and searched to find a comparable unit. Jeff was also very professional and willing to do what he could to help the situation. Unfortunately, what we want is a narrow search. After me commenting on not only my time wasted, but the money wasted on my journey, Levi did offer to write me a check for $300 to cover my one way air fare.

I’m still out another $500 for the return flight, room, and car. And no, this letter is not about my monetary expense. That said, I personally don’t want to think so, but, of the few people who have listened to the whole story, almost everyone’s first comment has been, “somebody tipped the other guy off’’. Hopefully, it was all just an unfortunate learning experience that no one else should have to go through.

I know this seems like a long letter, I have included what I think necessary. There was plenty of other conversation along the way which is rather pertinent and some not so.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel necessary. Sincerely,

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Sales Representative.

Reason of review: company procedures.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Feeling like being lied to.

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