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I had to go inside and find someone to help us. Finally, found a young man playing on his computer, and he didn’t seem happy about having to help me.

We then met him down at the gate where the fifth wheels are parked and got on his golf cart...only to be nearly dumped off as we flew between campers We told him what we were looking for and he unlocked three...not what we were looking for. Found one more hat might work and he couldn’t even tell us the price....said the price varies what’s up with that. LOL. I told him we were done and got on the golf cart to go back to our car.

I ask him how long he had been selling campers, and he said about four months....I just laughed and said, “that’s what I thought”....this guy needs lots of training in order to ever be successful. Didn’t get his name, but he better be glad I’m not his boss!

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