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My wife and I walked into the sales department of Camping

World in Byron, Georgia on August 20, 2014 at approximately 1pm. The gentleman at the desk asked if he could help us and I advised him that we wanted to look at some campers and motorhomes. He asked that we step into an office so that he could get all of our information. I advised that I did not want to provide all my personal information because I did not want to be harassed by phone calls trying to push me into a purchase after I left. I asked, "Can't we just go out and look at the campers?" With a terrible attitude he threw his paperwork down on the desk and pointed toward the door and said "help yourself." My wife and I walked outside and found all the campers and motorhomes locked. Something he could have told us before sending us outside to walk around the lot in 100 degree weather for nothing. When we walked back inside the building and started leaving he just sit in his chair and grinned like a opossum eating briars.

We have purchase thousands of dollars of camping products from Camping World in the past. After this experience, I will never do business with Camping World again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had the same experience.... If they can't push a sale, they don't want you hanging around.

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