Pissed Consumer Interviews ?

In September 2016 I purchased a 2017 Fuzion 420 at Camping world in Council Bluffs Iowa. I had purchased parts for my Country Coach from them and didn't have issues so thought I would buy the Fuzion. (Big Mistake) First it had blotches on the skirts, the camera monitor was missing, the latch was gone from the shower door was the visible items. I Told them and they said they would take care of it. I also told the sales manager that the trailer was filthy and he said it would be cleaned and polished while we do the paperwork. (I believed him) We where going to load it and leave for North Carolina at 6:00 am the next morning. Well after spending more time trying to sell the extended protection package and telling me how great I am he forgot to tell me that the trailer would not be clean or at least the latch put on the shower. I took it anyway and when we returned three days later I called to schedule an appointment to get the items fixed with a new list. After 2 1/2 months and many lies like we have done all but the skirts because they came in wrong from the manufacturer to every other excuse you could imagine. I called the general manager Chris and let him know of my dissatisfaction . He said he will look into it and have the trailer cleaned properly while it's in there and also said we sell FUN here. I then went in to see the trailer and my contact wasn't there so I asked another service man if I could see my unit and he actually said why? Any way I did look at it and some of the items where complete but not all as I was led to believe. I called the service guy in charge of my account (Jason) the next day and asked him if he had a work order to clean the trailer and of coarse he said no but would clean it anyway so there fore Chris lied to me. The next thing that happened after I had called numerous time was they said the skirt came in and they would install it on Tuesday and if I could wait till Thursday am they would clean and detail it, I said that would be fine. My girl took off early on Thursday to go with me just to find out it wasn't close to being done and Jason apologized and said he would make sure it was ready the next day (some of the skirt hadn't been replaced as they led me to believe), I told him it was upsetting as I drove 40 minutes to get there as well as my girl took time off also. I decided to wait till afternoon on Friday to give them more time and guess what no it still wasn't done and now it has a hole in the front fiber glass. Jason just said when it rains it pours!!! He said they would get it done and fix the hole and I could get it the following week. I just told him to hook it up and get it out front and I was leaving with it. They brought it out about 30 minutes later and now I have been there 3 1/2 hours to find out the battery was dead which means they didn't keep it plugged in. I have e-mailed corporate and never received a response so I sent a pour review to our Camping World in question to not get a response from them either. The hole is still in the front after they (Jason) told me he would sent there tech to my farm and repair it. I just told them and am telling you I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM CAMPING WORLD HERE AGAIN!!!!!! I don't like being LIED to. If you would like dates or more info please including pics contact me as I won't lie. Terry Buchholz 402-681-7074

Camping World - A joke

finally got my camper after 4 hours of wasted time. only to get home and fuses were blown, only to be told to fix them myself or wait 8 weeks to get it in.
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I took my adventurer in on May 18 for a check-up and let them know that I needed it back before September 1. When I took it in I wanted the inspection, oil change in both engine and generator, the mattress replaced, gas shocks for all compartments and bed, the...
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Don Pursley

You get that type service at RV WORLD of GA. which is owned by Camping World. My RV has been in the shop at RV World OF GA. IN Buford GA. over a 100 days since I purchased it ...

I didn't like
  • Service and quality of work
bought a rv from camping world in Woodstock ga, done all paperwork by mail. the finance guy mike kavanaugh told us we could redo paper work when we came in to pick up camper wrong he sent it all in with a lot of add ons that we did not want. bottom line is do all your...
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Do not order parts,will not answer when you call you have to go up there 4to6 times a month sometimes more then they say we ordered parts there coming to your address 3 weeks latter still no parts sell camper to retired couple. When got home it had been used some one...
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Rob L

what location ?

I wanted to make a routine service appointment for my C class at the local Camping World. I had never dealt with Camping World prior to this time. I went to their glowing service web site inviting me to make an appointment with their highly skilled service facility and...
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I bought a camper in april 2017, first trip heat went out, sec time A/c went out, 3rd thermostat was not wired, 4 th time hot water heater went out, 5th time Ac had recall, 7 wks later got it back. carried it back ac rattles they said it was a recall, the same recall...
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I want to thank Jean Lanoue in the Sales Dept. for the being so patient and helping us choose just the right camper for our family. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. I recommend Camping World to all my family and friends and I will refer them to Jean Lanoue for...
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Go to Bish's next door for better service and prices. Service is so so if you're buying a new RV, but horrible otherwise. They put a hold on funds when I ordered online, then charged me again when the item was shipped. I was told the hold would be released in "a few...
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Camping World - Terrible service dept

The people working in camping worlds service dept in St. Louis have no idea as to servicing motor homes. I went back several times with the same complaints regarding work the supposedly fixed. Ended up having to another company to get my problems fixed correctly. Don’t bother calling their headquarters. They will not return your calls.
I am very disappointed in Camping World in Calera, Alabama. I took my camper to them around July 14th for fire damage. I expressed my feelings of how excited they excepted to work on my camper. I also told them I already had a Camping trip planned for late October and...
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I have had outrageous problems with the CW in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I will post a FULL “review” after they repair the damage THEY did to my fifth wheel inside and out, ...