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I purchased a 2016 Black rock on 11Jun 2016, at the Idaho Falls, Idaho store. And on the walk around the outdoor kitchen door was found to be warped.

I was told they would order a door and I could stop by to have it installed or they could ship it out to a camping world near me. I had not heard of a status by 18 July and called to get an up date. I was told they were waiting for the stickers, I explained I did not need stickers just want it fixed prior to a extended trip beginning in Aug. Was told they would have to wait for stickers.

Received a call on 12 Aug 2016 at 1332 from Corney, he said they have the door and the stickers and asked if I want to come to Idaho falls or ship the parts somewhere. I explained that we are now living in the camper at Hill AFB and could someone come out to install he said he would email the manager to get authorization to send someone out, I then explained that the inside oven does not work (the pilot light is too far away from the thermo couple), outdoor kitchen light does not work, the extended shelf next to sink broke, and the outdoor kitchen slide locks are not aligned properly. I need that fixed as well. He said he would get authorization and let me know.

On 15 Aug 2016 at 1330 received a call from Cody Rave asking where they should ship the part to, I explained again what I explained to Corney (and Cody did not know the oven did not work) and said I needed someone to come out prior to 17 Aug to fix as we were heading out again. Now Cody did try and find someone however he did not find any one prior to us leaving he did try and find a place along the route to fix the oven but the place was along the route. 31 Aug 2016 at 1000 called to speak to Cody and Cody was on vacation. So I explained the whole story again to Ashley, she put me on hold and she said she took down notes and would try and get in contact with someone and get me a status of someone coming out to fix.

I did not hear anything back so on 01 Sept called and spoke to Rob, and surprise had to explain all the issues to him he said he would try and call Cody and find out how to help. On 08 Sept I called and spoke to Wayne Davis and asked to speak to Cody, he said he would have Cody call me, he did not. On 09 Sept at 1300spoke to Wayne Davis he said he would schedule with the good sams people and have someone come out to my location and fix all my issues, I gave him the location where I would be on 14 Sept, he said they may be at my location as early as 0800, I said that would be fine. On 14 Sept at 1600 I called Wayne Davis on his cell phone number he gave me, but there was no answer I did leave a message asking on the status.

On 15 Sept Wayne Davis called to give me a status update, he told me since this was warranty work it has to be fixed at a camping world location. I was not happy but told him I need these issues fixed so he asked when would be good, I decided on 26 Sept at the Camping world in Nashville, TN. I said we are living in camper so can I park in the parking lot sunday afternoon and plug in so I could avoid the traffic Monday morning. He said he would explain to the Nashville Camping world and have someone get me plugged in.

And that all issues could be fixed in one day. On 20 Sept at 1421 I called the Nashville Camping world and spoke to Megan, she had no idea about any other issues other than the Outdoor kitchen door replacement, (also the door had not even arrived yet) also she said that there is no place to plug in my camper. so WOW. Now I have ended a trip early to be at a location because I thought people were coming to fix my camper and now I will have to fight Nashville traffic on Monday morning, which I was trying to avoid.

I did pass the other issues to Megan at the Nashville Camping world however she not sure if they will have to order parts to fix the oven. This whole situation is extremely frustrating when it seems the Idaho Falls Camping world is unable to help get anything solved for me. Idaho Falls Camping world service people are either in need for training or in the wrong profession, or both. I am extremely upset at the horrible service I have received from the Idaho Falls location.

I chose to purchase my camper from a camping world and it appears I made a mistake. The Nashville camping world people I spoke to are polite so I am looking forward to these issues getting fixed. Update-- 10 Dec 2016 2016 BlackRock Outdoors RV – ISSUES John L. Holloway Phone number: 931-572-7227 E-mail: JLHolloway72@yahoo.com Good Sams # 835727363 ** Found another Water leak to outdoor kitchen.

it is a water line running to indoor kitchen sink. Picture Attached. (picture Named "Emergency_2) NEED these water leak fixed. Emergency Issue 1.

Outdoor Kitchen hot water line leaks ( picture named “Emergency_1”) ** Just wanted to give an update and request an emergency repair on the outdoor kitchen which has sprung a leak. We noticed it this morning when there was water on the floor beside the tub, after investigating found the water leak to be the hot line on the outdoor kitchen. As you can see in the picture it is leaking from where the flexible hose connects to the 90 degree elbow. We request this to be fixed as soon as possible since this type of water leak will cause allot of damage if it is allowed to continue.

Also request the follow issues on the list to be fixed as soon as possible. 1. Oven inoperable 2. New outdoor kitchen door has no Key 3.

Outdoor kitchen light requires switch installed – due to wrong light installed 12. RV propane gas detector inoperative (picture numbered “New_12”) Old issues 1. Oven inoperable 2. New outdoor kitchen door has no Key New issues 1.

Outdoor kitchen light requires switch installed – due to wrong light installed 2. Grey Tank indicator will not show empty – when empty (picture numbered “New_2”) 3. Right side of egg holder in refrigerator broken (picture numbered “New_3”) 4. Left cabinet on outdoor kitchen crooked (picture numbered “New_4”) 5.

Right side of sink on outdoor kitchen water damaged – due to the fact the outdoor kitchen door was warped for so long (picture numbered “New_5”) 6. Front left of outdoor kitchen screw pulling thru (picture numbered “New_6”) 7. Left rear lock on outdoor kitchen with not lock closed (picture numbered “New_7”) 8. Right forward lock on outdoor kitchen with not lock open (picture numbered “New_8”) 9.

Electric connector cover plate is loose (picture numbered “New_9”) 10. Awning Leaks at far left seam (picture numbered “New_10”) 11.

Right Propane Tank connector leaks – has been temp fixed- (picture numbered “New_11”) 12. RV propane gas detector inoperative (picture numbered “New_12”)

Product or Service Mentioned: Camping World Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Repair after purchase.

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